Elitist mentality

Well here it goes! First post of my new blog.  Like the title of the post.  I hope you do because if you do I hope this blog will appeal to you.  You may be one of us.  I like the elitist mentality because it does not compromise of make excuses.  Just to preface the rest of this post let me be clear I look down on no one. I truly believe everyone can be a true elitist.  Do you expect nothing less than your best?  Do you prefer to surround yourself with successful people you cal learn from? Do you believe in your heart of hearts that you can accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself?  Then you are one of us.  Lee Haney once said that “there is nothing wrong with a healthy ego”.  Too often we are taught that self pride and confidence are evil because of the difficulty in distinguishing between those traits and arrogance and hubris.  The desire to constantly better yourself and be proud of the fruits of the labor put forth into accomplishment should be encouraged.  In fact it is the most powerful driving force to progress and evolution.  Great things are accomplished every day.  Humility is noble, and keeping a level head are healthy.  Yea yea, but if you’re a double bad motherfucker you didn’t get that way on accident.  Raise up and shine light on the path you took so that others can birth their inner elitist. Do not let the haters, those that only bring themselves up when others are brought down, have an influence on the drive that has brought you to where you are and to the great things yet to be accomplished.

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