The Drive

Do you need motivational videos or do you make them? If “10 ways to keep from cheating on your diet” is an appealing article to you then you are definitely not an elitist. The drive is a burning fire that needs no fuel.  It’s confused with obsession and insanity.  Like an addiction it can come in between you and a “normal” life but it comes with certain benefits.  Among them are the ability to “make” time that normal people are constantly complaining that they do not have.  How many hours in a day does a success have compared to a failure.  The only difference is everything life throws at a normal person is an excuse to fall behind.  To a success it is another chance to achieve.  Both only have 24 hours to do it in but one achieves and the other does not.

Perception is sharpened with the drive.  Obstacles are challenges, and after a while it becomes clear to the elitist that it is not massively productive days on a constant basis that create achievement.  It is a chain of consistency and persistence that snowballs into a momentum that is unstoppable. The drive is impressive and motivating but not very contagious. You either have it or you do not. So this blog is meant for those that have it. It is not some secret to obtaining it. If you have to wonder if you have the drive or not, there in lies your answer.

One challenge to people who do have it is that it can be compartmentalized.  Some have it in one area of their life but it can throw the balance of their life off. It can strain a family or only be present in certain aspects but not others. If you have it, however, it is a start. It can be cultivated.

Another aspect of the drive that can be a double edged sword is that it must be kept in check. Winning at all costs can have diminishing returns on a grand scale. Health and integrity etc.  The drive will achieve the next level but there will inevitably be times were lines will be drawn. Many cross them and many do not.  That is your choice to make when you come to that point. Individual ethics is not the point of this blog but I do not judge.  The scope of this will be limited to what it takes to achieve, and limited to not harming anyone in the process. An elitist is on an internal journey and their competition is always the one staring back from the mirror.  You can not cheat yourself.  Success and victory achieved through cut corners or cheating is never going to be a victory within someone who truly demands the most of themselves.

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