Vaccinations… Prosthetic body modifications… Weight lifting… What do these words have in common? They are all examples of advancements, designed by humans to direct their adaptation to existence in the modern world. Adaptation is vital to the process of evolution, to the point of synonymity; without adaptation, there is no evolution. Because of the interdependence of these two processes, I would argue that the discovery of methods to cause adaptations intentionally is the most significant advancement that humans have made. Adaptation takes many forms–not just physical, but also emotional and psychological. Anytime we are learning, we are adapting, we are evolving. When we talk about the next phase of human evolution, it seems to evoke fantastic images of mutants with gills or superpowers. But, really, is it any less amazing the way we’ve induced our own evolution by introducing microscopic germs into our bodies so that we are forced to learn to fight them and therefore able to prevent future illness?


One aspect of adaptation that has been studied to some degree is the effect that the psychological can have on the physical–everything from people dying within months after receiving a terminal prognosis even though they were misdiagnosed, to people seeing gains from exercise programs that they only executed through visualization. Hard data on these situations exists. And what does it imply? Could there be an angle of performance enhancement that is underused? Could psychological training actually have the power to elicit tangible physical gains? Can muscle tissue and tendon strength be increased through mind work? If psychological training can produce real results, how much can we expect from it and what are the most efficient ways to capitalize on it?

I do not know.

I myself grew up loving comic books, and so I tend to animate my training in my mind, cartoon-style. If I am going to do heavy squats, I visualize myself as a Titan, with entire planets poised on the ends of my barbell. I tell the civilizations, “Hold on! You’re about to go for a ride!” They wait on mountaintops, clinging to trees for dear life while their oceans churn and their entire planet is thrown back and forth by the force of me completing my set. At the same time, I visualize my muscles growing. I see my frame strengthening on a cellular level from deep within to the shell that I have authority over. I command my body to manifest the image that I have in my mind. Glowing psychic energy from within me casts the shadow of my intent over my physical body. I am the arbiter of my creation. My maker handed the reigns to me so that I could cultivate myself as an organism capable of anything that I can solidify in my mind.

With every passing generation, people adapt and evolve–some slowly, some rapidly. But the line of evolution has only moved in one direction since we started walking upright: people are getting better. We live longer and are exponentially smarter. Almost without exception, progress in speed, strength, and thought have come at increasingly rapid rates. Besides the legends of King kameamea flipping the naha stone and the American forefathers who could write with both hands at the same time in two different languages, the human races batting average has been steadily increasing.

i say as unbelievable as paul bunyon was i watch a few youtube videos per day that shatter my narrow scope of reality. 500 years ago a tale of hafthor bjornson walking with a 1400 pount mast on his shoulders would have taken years to get to this end of the world. and by then who knows what form the tale would hold. a millennia passed since the first account of such a feat. Now I watched it with my own eyes just a day after it was accomplished.

one of the most powerful tools for increasing the power of the mind is to constantly show it evidence that any limitations perceived are simply self-imposed. when I was yound and had just done my first backflip on a trampoline i rode my motorcycle shortly thereafter and spent a day hitting one particular jump. I saw in my minds eye that the jump would be perfect to accomplish a backflip on my motorcycle. Fear prevented the accomplishment at the time, and possibly being bound to a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but when the first backflip on a motorcycle was achieved i was not surprised. I could see and feel myself doing it that day. I knew it was possible.

Extreme sports are evolving so fast it is terrifying. Robbie Madison table topping the arc de triumph in vegas to all sorts of vehicular stunts that look like a cartoon at first view. Red Bull puts its name on all sorts of insanity that just a decade ago was practically science fiction.

My point of this rant is that the slow drip of progress is not necessary anymore. Fate is begging the human race to blow the doors of the limitations of the mind and rewarding us with uncanny abilities. Acrobatics and strength, speed and agility, and knowledge are all increasing at mind boggling rates because of the tangible proof of what is possible that is communicated at light speed across the world now.

I challenge everyone to take their passion and spend some time fantasizing about what it will look like in 50 years.

Look at what the benchmarks and records were back then and what are they now. What kind of advancements were made that allowed for this progress? what did that look like 20 years ago? and now today.

If that same type of progress was maintained what will those numbers look like?

when will we break a 3 minute mile?

a sub 4 second 40 yard dash?

a 1500 pound raw squat?

50 years ago a car that went 100 miles an hour was very fast. 30 years ago a street legal car broke 200 miles an hour.

within the last few years the production car record is about 270 mph.

How long until 300 is achieved? and then how long after that until the speed limit is on the rural freeways is 150 or more?

Not as long as it may seem.

Make efforts everyday to expand your scope of reality and what is possible. This combined with refining the focus you have on small achievable goals in the short term will combine to tangible acceleration in gains. This must always be tempered with reason and safety. Reckless pursuit only ends one way. But do not be your own limitation. You are capable of anything that can be focused upon with enough intent to see and feel. To believe with enough conviction that the effort necessary to achieve the goal valid and worthwhile. IF the effort is put in and the goal is clear, nothing can stop you. The universe will be on your side and destiny will have your back. Never stop


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