Effective Resolutions

In this age of enlightenment people can be too quick to tear things to pieces. Maybe it is a natural side effect of the information age but it can be counterproductive. I do like that snake oil salesmen rarely have a place to hide against discerning minds but it also seems to lend to a level of cynicism that can rain on proverbial parades.

New years resolutions for example. The tradition of using the turn of the calendar as a starting point for new goals and achievements is one that I am a HUGE fan of!! Of course the haters love to chime in with one of their favorite tools (statistics) and spew out how a very small number of people maintain their pursuit of new goals. This stream of thought may seem counter intuitive to the focus of this blog. I realize I have no tolerance for excuses and believe in the pursuit of lofty goals at all costs. Being that as it may, in no way do I support any type of discouraging people against any opportunity to take another shot at setting and pursuing goals. Even the failure to pursue was began with the setting and identifying of goals and that is a start. Knowing the goal plants the seed. You have only truly failed when you quit.

This will be my first and only article dealing with strategies to stay motivated for achieving goals. I am a firm believer that when pursuing your passions nothing in any way should be able to stop you. Lets broaden the scope a little then. What about peripheral goals. What if in the midst of pursuing your gold medal you want to learn a new language or skill. Here are some strategies I have found effective in achieving goals that are a little outside of the wheelhouse.

Find out how people who do have the goal that you are trying to achieve as their main focus and passion achieved success.

-There is an ever increasing amount of resources to use to get the real information for every conceivable subject. Learning languages, starting businesses, starting blogs, etc.

-Every conceivable to angle to take for self improvement, and skill study.

-Learning an instrument or a martial art.

Seek out real experiences as well. Peers and mentors are critical.

-The flip side to the coin is that virtual experience is a start, or a great supplement to real life, but get out there and meet people and gain experience. What is the point of learning a language if it is not to expand your scope of experience in this world with people from other cultures.

Set goals with friends or in groups to hold you accountable, and put skin in the game.

-Find someone you can trust and rely on to hold you accountable. Not someone who is just trying to be reassuring, but someone to truly hold you accountable. Put skin in the game with them as well. Give them the authority to hold you accountable. Set weekly goals that you have to prove you accomplished or you owe him 20 bucks. If you are serious about achievement what are you afraid of. If that commitment is not ok, then you just proved you really don’t want to achieve your goal.

Be realistic and honest when setting short term goals

-a list of one or two small realistic things to chip away at every day is one of the most powerful tools to achieving massive goals. Jerry Seinfeld once said that you should make a link the day you start pursuing a new goal that represents an effort made towards achieving it. Every day an identifiable effort is made towards that achievement make another link. Any day missed breaks the chain. No matter how big the goal, if that chain gets long enough the goal will be achieved. (Obviously paraphrased but conceptually accurate).

Be outrageous when setting long term goals.

-“If your goals do not scare you, they are not big enough” -unknown





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