This blog is a source for content that I am very proud of. It is mostly motivational and philosophical because I believe that is the biggest void that I see in the infoverse around me at this time. Here is a quick list of the resources for information, motivation, and all around useful stuff that can put my readers on the fast track to success.

Specifically strength related: Dripping with great stuff!!! Can’t get enough of it. Well referenced and crammed full of great references, links, and shit loads of top-tier content!! Linked to various social media and the podcast is pretty great too. Much like my next resource you are going to have to cherry pick the content most suited for your goals but whatever those goals are there is tons of awesome info here. and

This guy is a badass too. Mark is primarily focused on powerlifting and strength but he is also a funny, highly motivational, and incredibly successful man with loads of information at the ready. His power project is the framework that countless people have followed for short informational Youtube videos. It is also a treasure trove a great training advice. Powercast is his podcast that is easily accessible and just loaded with great interviews with a large variety of people from various strength sports. Massive amounts of top-tier content and fucking hilarious. Well worth the time.

All things about all things:

I never wanted to like this guy!!! I wanted to hate all three books of his that I bought and read numerous times. I wanted to hate his blog that is just amazing!! Probably the single best resource for success in almost every single aspect of life imaginable. I wanted to hate his show that I have watched every single episode of numerous times. I could go on and on but you get the point. I failed in my attempt to hate him and am constantly blown away by how much this man has achieved in such a short life. Fearless and brilliant!! This website is endless in its scope and breadth. If he does not address a topic directly you will find links to the most brilliant minds addressing the issue. Business, nutrition, biological sciences, food, etc., etc., etc., etc.,……… you get my point. Every article and podcast is heavily referenced and each one can send you on journeys that will end only when you decide. I am not even going to give a specific example, pick a podcast, listen, and then start following any of the links that interest you down the rabbit hole. Navy Seals, scientists, highly succesful entrepreneurs, biochemists, and artists abound. All of which will open your mind to possibilities and give you endless resources to continue the journey in any direction you choose. Every time I listen to a podcast I feel like a damn Goonie because I know there is a treasure map that directs me to places I may not have discovered otherwise. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel for the highly motivated.


Ramit Sethi:

Uber successful blogger Ramit Sethi will absolutely carpet bomb your email box if you sign up for his blog. Normally not a fan of this but more often than not there is some pretty useful and interesting stuff. He does sell courses but he also gives out shit loads of free content and it has been a great resource for financial and entrepreneurial information.

Some youtubers I enjoy and find either highly motivational, informational, and some just entertaining.

Rich Piana

The living legend of youtube! Rich and successful and puts it ALL out there. Highly controversial but very motivational in informative.

George Leeman

Has slowed down a bit as of late but has a ton of content on youtube that will light a fire under your ass.

As with ALL sources of information please use your fucking head. Pardon the language but as you have heard me say a million times over this is all to enhance thought and knowledge, not replace it. Please be very discerning with all information. Use the scientific method!! Information is either fact or opinion. A fact can be tested and will ALWAYS hold true. Water will always boil at 100 degrees celsius, 1 + 1 will always be 2!!! If something cannot be tested to this extent and always hold true, then it will remain a theory until proven otherwise.


*Just a disclaimer that this is a post I put together as a response to an overwhelming amount of requests. It is unedited and may contain some typos or grammatical errors.


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