Optimizing Diet

In these posts, especially when addressing training, I try not to beat a dead horse but rather address issues that I see slipping through the cracks. In previous posts, I have identified many goldmines of information readily available online from various sources. If you have not already digested as much info as you can from other sources, then this blog is probably not for you anyway.


One concept of nutrition that I feel is often overlooked is optimization. What I mean by that is that there is a range of macros for every individual that I would refer to as a “sweet spot.” Only though self-examination and experimentation will you get a feel for what that optimal zone is. On the caloric deficit side of the equation, I feel that people are very aware of the risks of nutrient, performance, and result loss that can arise. However, a lot of times in the strength game, people will get a little lazy when eating for size and strength, believing that a calorie surplus will cover all bases—but this is not always the case. There is a point of diminishing returns. Excess calories can provide the building blocks and fuel for repairing and building muscle and maintaining optimal strength, but too many calories will tax the body as it tries to deal with the excess, ultimately causing excess blood lipids, blood pressure, cholesterol, cortisol, and a slew of other things. Big picture, these issues are obviously detrimental to one’s health, but, even on a micro scale, they will be counterproductive. Scale weight and strength may go up, but I promise when diet is dialed in to an optimum range of calorie surplus, there is no other feeling like it. Recovery, growth, and strength progress at a much more rapid rate, and these gains are sustainable. Don’t cut corners. Do what it takes to dial in your diet and find that optimal range. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, will bring progress faster than the foundation provided by optimal nutrition.

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