The Forgotten Muscle

Ok it’s not a muscle per se, but spoiler alert your muscles are not the only part of your body that respond to progressive overload. The most critical component of physical prowess is often the least utilized. Have you guessed it yet? I’m talking about the brain. The single most fantastic creation in the cosmos thus far. The tool with which we became aware we exist. It’s aware of itself yet cannot perceive itself and even through the combined efforts of many who use theirs at a very high level. It does not know itself. It works but does not know how. It’s like the ultimate Swiss Army knife in the hands of a child who has not learned what most of the tools are for or what they can ultimately do. It perceives, experiences, remembers, and predicts and has had this capability long before it was used to create the wheel or harness fire. Yet at an accelerating pace we are discovering that brains are capable of doing the *ahem* unthinkable. That is to say we have yet to find the limit of its functional capacity and hardly a day goes by where I do not witness a new achievement attesting to the limitless capabilities these brains afford us humans. Memory competitions where people memorize whole decks of cards faster than I can cook an egg. A spatial memory savant that can recreate entire city scapes after a 20 minute helicopter ride around the city. The show superhumans is a buffet of mental magic attesting to the capacity of the brain that boggles the mind *pun very much intended. Mental phenomenon such as “instant savant” also break linearity with our understanding of how the brain works. Google it. It basically implies that Socrates was right “learning is remembering”. What hypothesis can we form as to how a head injury could result in formed and functional knowledge of skills or languages that have never previously been known? Is all knowledge intrinsic and we are just unblocking it as we perceive ourselves as learning it? Or is there some ancestral link with out DNA that if someone in our lineage could play the piano that a specific occurrence to our brain can resurface this ability? I have no idea but it’s really weird none the less.

The major takeaway here is that we are obviously just scratching the surface of what our operating system can do and considering the potential there in a much larger portion of our time dedicated to exploring and developing these potentials has limitless value.

To be continued…

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