Leveling Up

Issues like poverty and women’s rights are considered humanitarian issues. Issues of social improvement. Things that have a foundation in technology like ubiquitous internet access and decentralization with tools like the Blockchain are considered “advancement”. I argue that these are all critical humanitarian issues and all should be given the highest priority. Why? I am glad you asked.

First of all the challenges humanity faces as it continues to expand are going to take some really remarkable people to solve. I will further argue that as the female population comes into dominance the world will be a much better place. A matriarchal world is one that maps onto a much safer, saner, and sustainable world then the one we have today.

The most simple condensation of the issue of inequality in the world is that there are far too many people who are still not in the game. Women being a large fraction of this number being benched by cultures that forbid them from participating in education, the work force, and social hierarchies.

Here is something that anyone in any culture needs to realize. If you believe you have to keep women in check with laws and customs then you are just postponing the inevitable. I am excited to see what Saudi Arabia is going to look like in the near future when women have taken their rightful place in society and choose whether or not to allow men to remain at the table. Make no mistake, cultures whose masculinity was rooted in oppression will not be equipped to sustain their advantage much longer. They will simply be outwitted and outclassed into obscurity. Women in the developed and developing world are establishing themselves as equals as a concession, as it is obvious that they are superior in regards to their value in a modern world. Women are objectively more prone to peace and cooperation. They are averse to violence and more community minded. Women are the embodiment of peace. The ideals that we strive for as individuals, families, communities, nations, and the world are expressly feminine. Kindness and patience are a sustainable foundation for an advancing world and these traits are intrinsically feminine. It is not a coincidence that the best examples of thriving societies today are proportional to the degree that women have taken their seat at the table. Well done ladies. Please keep showing us what true fearlessness and class look like. Please continue being the examples that we all need.


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