Thoughts on Inauguration Eve

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I hope we see a shift towards unity come from all of this. Otherwise it is just going to keep getting worse. One of the most important voices in the world today is a man named Eric Weinstein. Look em up if you don’t know him but he is a mind at work and he is focused on the right things in this moment.

Please watch his interview with Glenn Beck here.

(10) Why Eric Weinstein Is Finally Talking to Glenn Beck | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 93 – YouTube

This conversation needs to serve as a beacon guiding us to safer waters. A few points that I think are of particular importance is that both sides are having the drunkest people at the party fight for them. The voices of reason have lost the floor and we need leadership that is going to move the needle away from conflict and towards innovation. That is the second key takeaway here. Is that we need a rethink from the basement up. We need to agree on an interpretation of the constitution with a big enough range to allow for it to preserve the aspirations of America, but narrow enough to not let power brokers pull the levers.

Eric is clever in making acronyms for a lot of his concepts, one of my favorites is the E.G.O. The Embedded Growth Obligation. It makes these ideas easy to remember and builds a reference framework. My interpretation of the E.G.O is we have built a system than not only demands endless growth, so much so that even just slower growth is catastrophic. This is insane. Eric and Glenn have a peaceful conversation but no punches were really pulled. This could be the flashpoint of progress if we follow suit.

Biden is not the second coming and he is not a saint. If I am being honest he did not become my guy until the democratic party cannibalized their best candidates down to the last him. There are two many battles on too many fronts that take priority over that. We are a thermonuclear nation that was unraveling under its own bullshit all streamed live for the world to see. That is not safe many reasons. We have to return to being a high trust society and we need to do it now.

Circling back to the Embedded Growth Obligation. What it is truly is the inherited debt of past generations. It is the realization that the nation depends on growth whether it is there or not. Like Pauly in Goodfells “f#$k you pay me!!!”

“Can’t get your shit together with your elections huh? F#$k you pay me”.

“Pandemic broke out and people need money to live until you figure it out eh? F#$K you pay me”

“There’s not enough people who can afford a $10,000 IPhone 18 huh? F#$K YOU pay me”

“The country absolutely demands that every citizen be productive as possible and taxed heavily to pay on debt that is still increasing at an exponential pace? F#$K YOU PAY ME!!”

But to be fair the speed at which quality of life increases under the EGO is pretty awesome. America does have a shitload of amazing citizens. We also have amazing universities. We also have massive corporations that do lots and lots of good. If your first impulse is to think of the shortcomings of universities and corporations instead of the profound good that they do go take a time out. You need to check yourself. This is not that moment. Making top notch education available to as many people as possible can fuel the EGO for the foreseeable future. Plenty of time to crunch the data and figure our way back out once we get our R&D back in action. Right now there is one name that leaps out in this world and that is obviously Elon Musk. He is changing the game and inspiring millions and the country is better for it. You can never have to many winning teams.

In conclusion, if we make it through the transition we need to all hold Joe Biden and this new administration accountable. He’s the rebound President. Not the one we wanted but the one we got. 4 years of semi competent leadership will be a breath of fresh air. Quit romanticizing the past if you think the country hasn’t survived on semi competence for much of its history. He basically just needs to be the “can you work a fire extinguisher” president so we can all unpucker for a bit. Listen to the Weinstein Beck conversation please. You won’t regret it.

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