Building My Brand

Ok. I am going to try a thing here. Posting this to the internet is just an attempt at being transparent. As a second order consequence I am hoping that this increases my engagement and helps me keep a range of things more organized. I have a podcast *big announcement* lol! It’s called “Does this Smell Funny?” and I post it to anchor so it is searchable. Just low quality recordings of me talking about random stuff. Mental health benefits galore. It is cathartic and theraputic, and I can count on one hand the number of people I remember telling it existed. I only mention it because as I opened wordpress to begin writing I noticed the option to link it to my blog, so I plan to do so, let me know what you think.

I will not commit to a timeline so take this for what it may or may not be worth but I plan on upping the production value of the podcast as well as this blog in the future. Right now this is just my way to put some of my thoughts and feelings out to the world. Which I think is very important. Life is short, and a life well lived often means that we will be missed when we are gone. Being able to read the writings of others is a fascinating victory over time and our mortality. We still read writings that are thousands of years old, and we still learn from them as well. People had the world pretty well figured out long ago. The rest has just been design and manufacturing bottlenecks.

It is important to put our ideas out to the world. Ideas are important and we will always have more good ideas (and bad) than we have time to invest into exploring them. Not everyone has a developed idea making ability, but it can be developed just like a muscle. The best way to develop it is to look to other peoples ideas. Shit loads of them. As many as can be consumed and then look at the connections between them. Do this for a little while and notice how these connections start to pop up everywhere. And in the cases where people are simply not designed to generate ideas, they may be prone to focused action. Give these people ideas and watch it get created. So even if it is just sharing an idea to a podcast or a blog, in 100 years it may just be the thing someone needs to see at the perfect time.

To be intentional about how I present myself to the world is what I am referring to as my “brand”. My blog, my podcast, even my personal social media, is all intended to be my side of my conversation with the world. I do next to zero promotion. I rarely ask anyone to read or listen to anything I have created. I do next to zero editing (probably obvious to any readers or listeners LOL). I am aware that this is lazy. I will promote my brand to the exact degree I promote myself or try to monetize my efforts.

I finish very little and am very curious if there is a way to improve my completion rate for projects while not exponentially pressure testing my mental health in the process. I have a high stress tolerance under pressure, but it takes a toll on me that I am not willing to endure anymore. I share this both in the spirit of transparency and to set expectations for myself when deciding the level of stress I am willing to take on to achieve a stated goal.

I moonlight as an amateur strength athlete. I love it all. Grip competitions, arm wrestling, powerlifting, highland games. All of it! I love it! As one ages these sports will confront you at all times with your current phase in life. Past decisions represent present conditioning and the breaks your body will give you become few and far between. Just like I have learned to push my body to the edge but not beyond, I am going to maintain boundaries with my pursuit of goals. Leaving reps in the tank is the secret to longevity with the body, I plan on using the same tactic when developing my brand. It is going to be a plan of attraction and response, not me pushing a product to the world. I am just going to increasingly put myself out there and see what response I get.

I think the biggest tragedy in the world today is how early and often we limit curiosity and learning. Lifelong learning is critically important. I used to beat myself up that I didn’t take school more seriously but now I blame the school system. I was lucky to have a lot of amazing and patient teachers throughout my life, but school was just engineered so poorly. It is not interesting, to make formal education interesting is an art only the gifted accomplish and even then, class size forbids it from connecting with everyone. I think I have an opportunity to connect with a lot of people who are perpetually curious and want to keep learning for as long as we have in this life. Ideally it will inspiring and motivational. If it turned out that it was a down payment on people doing bigger and better things that I was able to do, all the better.

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