June Notes

One thing I have learned about myself is since launching this blog is that I am not consistent. This describes me at a very deep level. I am an explosive athlete. I am not built for endurance. Everything I have achieved has been the result of intense bursts of effort and starting again a million times.

I grew up an avid reader and fascinated with bodybuilding and physical development. Everything in the physical development world is programmed in bursts. I sincerely believe this is why it was always such a good fit for me. Bigger Muscles in 42 Days! Add 30 lbs. of muscle in 6 weeks. These were the clickbait titles of the pre internet era. Programs would be executed for a specific period, then it was time to measure and reassess. I love this. It has always worked well for me and had built in flexibility to accommodate my perpetual inconsistency. Now I do get to claim endurance of the highest level in one specific fashion. This is an example of why I hate the imprecision of language. Endurance equated with not falling, failing, or getting distracted I do not possess. The ability to always start again seems to have no limit for me. This is not the place to get into the nitty gritty but I’ve been to the bottom and returned several times as a result of my own actions. I never stopped trying again. I am almost positive I have never had a successful first attempt at anything in my entire life. Every worthwhile experience and lesson I have learned in life has been in the moments I started again.

I think now that a light seems to be appearing at the end of the Covid tunnel, it is a good time measure and reassess, and take another shot for the stars.

Have a wonderful day everyone

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