August Notes

Holy crap it’s already August. 2021 has been a most interesting year. The highest compliment I can pay it would be to say that at least it wasn’t 2020. 2021 has not been a wash. Lots of great experiences and big changes on the horizon. A lot of change navigated and a lot self review. A lot of really taking a look at what means what to me in this world.

The world feels really unstable, and it absolutely is, but that is nothing new. It has always been worse and could always be better. Let’s leave it at that.

That tomorrow is never guaranteed. We comfort ourselves with the illusion of stability. We anesthetize ourselves with the promise of a tomorrow that will be better in proportion to the struggle we experience today. Now delayed gratification has infinite merit, but waiting for the perfect moment is the best disguise procrastination wears.

Wittgenstein wrote on God. “To believe in god is to believe the facts of the world are not the end of the matter.” This has festered. The question and mystery that is the concept of God is not a binary state, nor a one that stands still. This insight has sent me exploring the concept as a perspective in motion. I still believe the proselytization of children is a generational trauma that needs to be discontinued and actively healed from.

Figuring out a way to break the circular thinking trap causing people to behave in ways that conflict with informed judgement should be a top priority before shit falls apart. While we are on the topic of trauma, every generation has a defining trauma. It is not responsible for everything but it narrows the trajectory greatly. The world wars were the worst in modern times. All wars sense share responsibility as well. Mine was 9/11. The generation about to enter the work force’s trauma was an abject failure of those adults in the world to keep there shit together during a crisis. I can’t think of another generation in history that is coming of age on the heels of almost 2 years of seeing that they are desperately needed. They realize they are inheriting an absolute circus being run to the ground by leaders that have been in power for 30, 40, 50 years plus, and have never given a shit about them. Here kids, the atmosphere is fucked, all the power is horded, and if things get shaky we are going to make a shit show of it and there won’t be any toilet paper. Every previous generation has been thrust into the world believing there were wise adults running the show. The good news is they’re not having it. They are impatient and want to change things now, and do not seem unwilling to rock the house to do it. I fantasize about the generation of politicians being inspired by the young renegades coming up now. They know what’s right, and are going to save us.

I have been trying to find the bright side of living in a world where no topic is safe from a belligerent onslaught of stupidity. If people aren’t squabbling over little shit, then they’re squabbling over big shit. I find a tiny bit of comfort in that.

Well with that I am just going to publish this. It has been too long and I apologize for the inconsistency. I plan on putting out much more content here in the near future. I also plan to reformat this into something more exciting, I know its pretty vanilla.

To close out I would like to share something I learned in therapy the other day. There is a technique where you try to view distractions and negative self talk as a popup. It sounded a little silly at first but it is oddly easy to remember and implement. When an intrusive thought occurs just look at it like a little pop up, and click out of it like it is an early version of Windows. Let me know how it goes if you try it please.

“The universe rewards action”

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