August Notes Extended

I have a bit of insomnia so I figured I’d share a bit of what’s going on.

Stuff I’m Reading

Dune: Still sucks. I am very much committed to finishing this book but I seriously haven’t gotten sucked into it yet. Halfwayish. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting old. Does it make me less sophisticated? I see the appeal of slow burn stories. Ones that build massive, immersive worlds. I’m all about it but my attention is under constant assault by a world obsessed with moving faster and faster. Finishing the book before the movie comes out is a must for my mental well being. It will be the only driving force behind finishing it. I guess I will have to contemplate whether or not the joy once found in the escapism of a great story is lost to me in my semi matured state.

Will Destroy the Galaxy For Cash: Not gonna lie, I only bought this because the author’s name is Yhatzee Croshaw. It’s a part 2 but oh well, I’m starting with part 2. It worked for me for Aliens. Full disclosure I don’t even think I have seen the original Alien. The book is campy but so far more engaging than Dune.

The Matrix Screenplay:

I love reading screenplays. It is fascinating to see how the basics of an idea and words on a page combine into something that has lasting impact. It is fun to build completely different imagery around it. How would I create that particular world given the words on the page? What would I change if this movie was being made today? Matrix was way pre smartphone.

Stuff I Watched:

Lex Fridman interviewed Joscha Bach for a second time on the Artificial Intelligence Podcast. It’s a great interview but Lex doesn’t seem able to navigate the conversation as well here as he does in other interviewers. Regardless, it is a fantastic interview and Joscha thinks at a level that is remarkable to consume. Highly recommended. They get into GPT-3 and certain breakthrough technologies but there is a good amount of philosophy explored as well.

Brand New Cherry Flavor

I haven’t binged a show on Netflix in forever and I couldn’t look away from this one. It is hands down the strangest yet delicious and unique show I have seen in recent memory. Beautifully shot, engaging, and a non stop head trip. There are some pretty wretch scenes so consider yourself warned.

I never ever ever ever ever recommend workout/training programs. This one is different. This is one literally anyone can do. It has 3 levels with the easiest one having so many alternatives for an accommodating starting point that anyone not bedbound can do it. Stopping everything before discomfort and micro progressions are the basic fundamentals. Any person doing this for a year will be an improved machine.

So few people realize that it is not too late to get their body to do magnificent things. Even fewer realize that restricted movement and pain is not just part of life. I will clearly claim that a person starting this in their 70’s will have 25 more years of full physical autonomy. I mean touching their toes and walking uphill with weights capabilities. Over the next 10 years we are going to see a wave of people redefining longevity. It is already an internet trend to compare people like Paul Rudd to stars of the past when they were the same age. People in excess of 100 years in age will be finishing marathons soon.

Just like in the 40’s and 50’s when physical culture was just beginning to thrive, we are seeing the occasional example of people in very advanced years still living a life that is an absolute vibe. America’s Got Talent has contestants every year that dance and perform like those half their age. This program is the ticket to that kind of longevity. Check it out.

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