September Notes


I have simply accepted the rest of my life will be spent in a perpetual state of awe at how fast time goes by. It is already September. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are going to flavor the remainder of the year like 3 unexpected speed bumps in a car with no brakes.

Big changes on the horizon for me over the coming month so check back in with me for the October disclosure, and a complete reformat of the blog. I’m going to link it to my little podcast called Does This Smell Funny that I publish on Anchor. It is even less thought out than this blog and it’s mostly just me talking to myself while driving, but some investment have been made into audio production equipment so let the evolution begin.


Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. It by Werner Herzog and is a really well made exploration into what the modern world looks like and some of the things at the forefront of discovery.

The Greatest Showman has the best music. The movie is amazing, the music is even better. Bout a 50/50 shot it is in my headphones at any given time at the gym lately.

Don’t hate, it’s a bop and you know it.

Questionable Tech Advancements:

Now for some tech news. But first a word. Tech news it treacherous. It is sensationalist and is almost always uninterpretable. For example, Colossal is a startup created with the intent to make a Wooly Mammoth out of DNA from the long extinct beasts found in the Siberian Tundra. Cool huh?

First of all… what the fuck ever. Start ups get created for nonsense all the time. The company that has had a bunch of people (or just their heads) on ice for decades was started with the intent of reanimating people. A goal doesn’t mean it’s even possible. If it’s possible it doesn’t mean soon. That being said this one is weird and I am pro robot uprising.

Second. Why? The only reason that sounds profitable would be to sell them. Ethically this is already off the table for me but that isn’t going to stop them from trying. I wish we lived in a world where I could say “who would buy a mammoth” but Tiger King put that one to bed.

Third, please immediately forward any videos of these people getting cornhole tossed off of giant tusks. I’m here for it. I am also very much on the animal’s side in any avoidable encounters. You get what you get.

Most importantly I hope it is not a massive waste of capital that could be better deployed. Discovery for the sake of discovery, and accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. Maybe some valuable discoveries will be made. But it’s fucking weird and seems like a massive misdirection of attention and resources but that is not my decision to make. I wonder what kind of permits that would require?

My Favorite Artist of the Month

Mayah Delilah. She is absolutely amazing. Her Youtube channel is vitamins for the soul. Check her out. Here is a sample.

Thought exercise of the month

We are all indoctrinated. It is true whether we want it to be or not. There are things that build the foundations of our worldview that were given to us, and we cannot conceptualize the world without them. The ideas of the military and police. The ideas of capitalism and lives based on occupations. We are beholden to various degrees because we cannot see the world without these. Try it? Imagine the country exactly the way it is at this very moment but without a military. What do you see? Do you see a country that is a sitting duck? Do you see the immediate mobilization of our “enemies” to invade, conquer, and enslave us? What about the police? If the police disappeared would there be an outbreak of crime? When you look away from the phone or TV do you see your community as just waiting for the opportunity to tear itself to bits? Or do you see police holding the line for your community against invaders who are also fellow citizens?

It is an interesting exercise to try to think to the other side of these things. In many ways it is impossible to see what the world will look like when we evolve past these things. Star Trek I hope comes close. But no different than trying to imagine the computer age from pre industrial times we just don’t have much of a foundation to build from. Just like reincarnating wooly mammoths is not necessarily bad but is it necessary? Unraveling indoctrination isn’t always valuable. It can be destabilizing and invoke deep insecurities and fears at the realizations it brings. If it is not clouding our thinking and it allows us to function in society then who gives a shit. The thorny part is that it is not possible to qualify the good and the bad indoctrinations without first identifying them.

Welp, off to bed.

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