11/10/2021 Venice Beach California

It was a windy night and apparently that is a good omen for surfers. There were a lot of them out there today. Dozens of people bobbing around together in the ocean just straight shark bait. Tall surfers and short. Young and old. I can hear laughter and sounds of encouragement in between the breaking of the waves. Some did beautiful tricks and rode the crashing waves to completion. Many never even got to their feet, and if they did they parted ways with their boards soon thereafter.

It is a mild Wednesday at Venice Beach. It had been cloudy most of the week so the sunshine brought with it big weekend energy. The waves completed a most serene scene indeed. Running perpendicular to the Venice Beach boardwalk is a smooth concrete surface dedicated to rollerblading. In between them and the surfers sitting high and surrounded with palm trees is the boarding park with pools and bowls and piping and surfaces that infuriate the 12 year old skater in me that never made it past gravel road rash. It is truly a sight to behold.

A guy is roller skating to a beautiful song. Actually that is not accurate. A person on roller skates is dancing to a beautiful song I do not recognize. It is hypnotizing and I find myself just taking the whole moment in. Contemplation is where my frenetic monkey mind went. This dancer is in harmony with the music. Long waltz like glides expanded into flowing movement effortlessly filling the space. In a world all their own but at the same time more connected to this world via a dance with physics and palpable emotion. Another skater enters the area and they breeze past one another, somehow aware of one another but no acknowledgement that I could recognize. This set me to thoughts of the surfers and the skaters.


I am sure that it happens, I have not spent an enormous time watching them but I can honestly say the only mishap/collision that I have seen was with a guy holding 2 giant iced coffees riding an electric skateboard over on Main Street. (I can still see the towers of iced coffee that launched upward, the equal and opposite reaction of the poor fella crashing face first to the pavement)

The harmony these people seem to operate with is truly impressive. Lots of mutual respect and awareness of each others space. I am sure there is friction to those inside the experience, but to this untrained eye it is stunning choreography. What a beautiful demonstration of cooperation. Lots of cheering one another on. Lots of encouragement. I love it.

A good afternoon workout and then it was time to check out the boardwalk action again. There are a lot of musicians on the boardwalk. Some fantastic. Some fantastically terrible, and everything in between. Today there was a person I had never seen before. If Jerry Garcia was a Frenchmen this would be the result. The musician was playing a gold Les Paul guitar lap style, with A BOW. A little echo effect through the amplifier and the most melodic rendition of What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes that I have ever heard. It drowned out the chaos and was stopping people in their tracks. I only caught the last minutes of the last song the musician played. Painful memories of the FM radio era where I tuned into my new favorite song for the final notes. AHHHH!!

It was a magical yet fleeting moment and then I tried a small meal at a place I had not tried yet. I do not do bad reviews so I will not be reviewing this place but it is the first place in the city I have been that I do not plan on reviewing.

An evening workout, nothing worth sharing, and then I went home for the evening and spent some time in the world of Neal Stephenson reading Snowcrash. This was the book that I learned I do not like to consume fiction on Audiobook. I bought this quite some time ago as it is very well regarded in the Cyberpunk world, and I could not get through the first chapter. I like to world build and exercise my imagination with fiction. Audiobook eases consumption but loses the flavor.

  • two quick side notes, one I LOVE Audiobooks, just not long form fiction. Short stories and anything factual, if well read, i delight in consuming on audio.
  • The mystery song that the amazing dancer on roller skates was skating to was Honey, by Raveena. I know this because I live in the future where I can tap a piece of metal I carry with me every where and electromagnetism will answer. Careful if you listen to this song though, it gave me my virginity back and took it from me again all in one listen.

The sunsets here draw a crowd. I can look down and see the beach dotted with people frozen in awe watch the sky and sea make art with a star.

The expanding sun sinks quickly into the water. I remember the first time I saw the sun set into the ocean. It was on the other side of the country in Key West Florida. We were visiting my Grandmother and we held hands while she told me to listen close. I don’t know if it really sizzled, but I sure heard it that day. Sunsets have been sacrosanct ever since.

Well, I am going to try to share a diary of my experiences, both in an attempt to communicate my world with the world as well as an exercise in consistency. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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