11/12/2021 Venice Beach California

Happy Friday to anyone who happens to read this the day of publication. Happy Friday energy to anyone reading it during a work week.

Gold’s Gym Venice is known as the Mecca of Bodybuilding and it is really something. It is absolutely huge and there is no shortage of high caliber specimens. It is an inside and outside gym and has a paradise of equipment. I worked out my shoulders and did some abs. I do live at the beach, and that is enough of that.

The vibe was rocking at the beach today. Beautiful music and the skate park was absolutely packed all day. Lots of music all day. The saxophone player poured sound through my window and quickly put me down for an afternoon nap.

I slept until about 4:20, up just in time to catch what was probably the best sunset since I have arrived here. It had legs! The sun vanished behind the horizon just before 4 and the light show did not end until nearly 6 pm.

Somehow people here can tell when the sunset is gonna be a burner because there was a HUGE crowd. Vanishing into light evening fog to the North into the Santa Monica Pier was a constant crowd, socially distanced, but not much more. This is what the southward crowd looked like all the way to the Venice Pier.

This was the view from the skate park.

There was one particular family set up for sand play and a picnic. The young girl was waving a small blanket about wildly. When it caught my attention I noticed a boy, half her size but with his arms up making the shape of horns running at the elusive cloth. Every time he got close enough she would whoosh it just out of reach and the most contagious laughter resonated out. I want to chase my dreams with the same happiness this child chased that blanket. I want that for everyone.

Anyone ever wonder what it would look like if a Pit Bull and a Dachshund had a puppy? Me either.

It’s weird. It is like a long body, low rider pit bull and I am here for it. I love this dog. Behold.

In the sake of consistency I am publishing this before midnight my time. So I am going to leave you with my favorite song today from the Boardwalk that inspired a Shazam and some more sunset pics. I love you all. I will post tomorrow. Till then….

I LOVE this song and video.

THis game looked like so much fun. The were tossing blow up donuts onto these straws and it did not disappoint.

Good night

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