11/13/2021 Venice Beach California

OH MY GAAAWD!!!! There was some kind of skate boarding event going on at the park today and it was CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Check it out

I am not even kidding when I tell you!

This little boss and her super dad were bombing the skatepark together and they were far from the only ones. All these kids were squealing with joy and a huge crowd was cheering them on the whole time. There was an MC gassing them up over the loud speaker and kids of various ages all bringing their best. The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks had tents everywhere so I am not sure if they put the event on or were just supporting it but it looked like a proper great time. I see their tents at a lot of cool events. https://www.laparks.org/ seems like good people. I am excited for them to reopen the weight pit at Muscle Beach.

Upon a bit of social media research the event looks like it was called Girls Skate Jam and I cannot stop smiling.

I did not stay for long as the crowd was significant and I was on a Metro Bicycle that costs a whopping $1.75 per 30 minutes and I was trying to make to the pier to help with a beach cleanup that https://la.surfrider.org/ posted to their Instagram account that morning.

Ultimately I did not make it as it was apparently Girl Power Day because just up the way at the world famous Venice Beach basketball courts there was another event called It’s Her Shot. An all girls basketball event. All in all an amazing afternoon watching people shine.

My life is too good to be true and I am making efforts to not squander a moment of it. Every day around noon I try to be back in my apartment to do some reading. I usually make it around 1. Shortly after 2 o’clock, on the street outside of my forever open window, the saxophone begins. I am usually sleeping deeply by 3. Today is the first day that I slept too long to make it to watch the full sunset. One of many blessings I have at the moment is the ability to see the sun dip into the ocean from my apartments windows. I was bummed for a moment. Like of all the things to be bummed about right? I will be setting an alarm going forward.

I am not sure how much value me musing about my current too good to be true life has for anyone reading this but here we go anyway.

In Neil Gaiman’s masterclass on Masterclass.com he reads a scene from October Tale. In the story a woman comes upon a Djinn (Genie) and spends the afternoon with it. The Djinn is used to people launching into their wishes upon first contact but this woman is not interested. She asks questions and offers tea. Listens to the Djinn’s stories and prepares a meal. He offers to make the meal the finest ever, served on golden plates that she could keep after. She is uninterested. He offers her a companion and lover, and again she politely declines.

Since I was very very young I have been determined, goal oriented, and a person who pursued achievement. I had motivational quotes up by Vince Lombardi celebrating an ideal:

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.” -Vince Lombardi

This ethic served me well throughout my life and will continue to do so. I keep my standards high on what I contribute to and what ideas I try to advance, and I have zero quit in me when it comes to anything my heart is into. I have been making the statement to loved ones who ask how I am enjoying my time here that “if I died and wound up in heaven I would break out to come back here”.

I mean that with all my heart. I feel like that woman in the story who is simply at peace. Nothing is missing. Nothing is invading my serenity. I work out, read, write, and pet other peoples dogs. I live in the most vibrant community on Earth and have earned a temporary reprieve from the toxic relationship that is capitalism and get to try to become something of value to the world. In the meantime I am going to keep sharing my days here. Building my creative muscles while trying to hone technical competency and strengthen other weaknesses. (for example how to make links of the websites I listed work and the million other functions that could make this blog a little less early 2000’s)

So that is all for tonight. Here is a piece of the sunset that I did catch

Thank you to anyone and everyone reading this. I love you all and my wish would be for all of you to live lives that need no wishes granted.

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