11/14/2021 Venice Beach California

I am not gonna lie. I woke up not feeling like leaving the apartment. Not in the paralyzing anxiety way that was plaguing my days prior to lots and lots of therapy. Just a calm peace. I wasn’t particularly hungry and had energy to spare. So I cleaned up and did a little organizing in my teeny tiny space, then plopped down and dove into the stack of books perpetually on and around my bed. I am still paging through stories of movies being stuck in development hell, as well as Robert Rodriguez’s book Rebel Without a Crew. It is basically his diary form when he filmed the movie El Mariachi for $7,000 (ish) that ends with the “10 Minute film School”. It is a fascinating read about the industry and one persons unique way inside. I will save a proper review for a proper review. It was relaxing.

The activity on the boardwalk came to life early as it was a beautiful summer day in mid November again. It is Sunday which means the Venice Electric Light Parade is happening so an army of flashing and glowing bikes and humans were strolling up and down the streets and alleys of Venice.

Just a speck on a starry night of LEDs weaving through beautiful Venice

Check out their Instagram if you want to see just the sight this parade really is. I can do it no justice here.

Somedays it feels good to do nothing. A light workout, a few walks on the beach. Some local honey on brioche toast as a snack and before I know it the sun is setting. I drank this one up for all it offered. The camera came out late, I can not and will not share everything, it takes away from the experience.

I wonder what planet that it?

 The song of the day with a striking soft melody and John Frusciante bringing the solo magic as only he can it is Soul To Squeeze by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The circus/freak show vibe of the video speaks deeply to the heart on soul of Venice Beach

The tapestry of ocean sky as the back drop for Venice Beach sunsets can be a distraction from the beauty of the city itself. As the colors of the afternoon sky melt into the horizon following a plunging sun, a simple turn around reveals another beauty I would love to share. The beauty of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, the view the waves have as they crash into the soft sand.

 Captivating and vibrant

That is it for this Sunday evening. I wish anyone and everyone who will ever read this the most glorious victories over all of your challenges.

Everyone get excited because I do plan to start shamelessly plugging all my other projects here over this next week. I know you can’t wait.

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