11/15/2021 Venice Beach California

I kept a small notebook a dear friend gave me to collect ideas for this evenings post. I carried it most of the day and captured several things I wanted to include here. I will now be attempting to recall them from memory as I left the pad in the car and I am not making the walk.

The sunset was fogged out tonight. It did inspire me to begin writing a story that has been swirling for a few weeks. I will be posting on Vocal.media if anyone is interested in reading it. So far I am digging it, but I like my imagination so I may be biased.

Here is what I remember from my list. I went for a bike ride today and it was amazing Metro Bike for a $1.75 per 30 minutes deal of a morning. I love the non owner economy. Bike racks with bikes you can just swipe and ride away then dock at the destination I am here for!! It is amazing. One of my favorite things to do in Venice is take pictures of the street art of which there is PLENTY and it is incredible. My Instagram is @jbrandonhall78 if you want to check it out. Here are a few samples

This pic is dripping with culture. I am a Masters of the Universe lover so my favorite part is Castle Grayskull in the background

And here are some cool wolves

While on my way to the grocery store a mom and her two kids were on their way to the same store. I only found this out later but I noticed them because the mom was on roller skates. The little girl skipping along and the little boy altering between carrying his skateboard and riding it when the ground was sufficiently smooth. They were having a riot and I could see visions of them all laughing many years from now about the amazing times they had with mom roller skating to the store with them.

I took the long way on the bike, and when the wider roads had some clearance I swerved dramatically from side to side. Making big S curves and loops. Those were my first and most cherished memories of riding bikes. Just riding in no particular direction just feeling for the WHEEE of it.

I am a sucker for inspirational and motivational quotes. I think they are of the highest quality and value memes that people share. I saw one today that particularly touched me. It said “Don’t forget to dream”. 5 words contracted to 4 and this one almost knocked me off my bike. I was immediately flooded with scenarios that this would bring power. Had a bad day? Don’t forget to dream. Had a super productive day? Still… don’t forget to dream. Had the best day ever?… like ever ever?… like ever ever ever?… still… don’t forget to dream.

On this note the song of the day is an acapella version of Dreamer by Home Free.

It is past my bedtime so I am going to wrap this one up for the evening. I hope all your traffic lights are green, they always get your coffee just right, and that you have a real true deep belly laugh soon. One that makes your cheeks hurt. Goodnight.

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  1. sfedis November 16, 2021 / 1:07 pm

    Your words, the quote and that song…LOVE THEM!

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