11/28/2021 Venice Beach California

Tonight is movie and breakfast spot review night. The Griddle Cafe is the restaurant, and the movie is Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Movie Review

Trailer does the movie ZERO justice and jobs should be lost over it.

First of all Mckenna Grace steals the show. Charming, funny, and a quiet strength deployed to perfection.

I will say the 80’s were a very special time. 1984 was simply an insane year for movies. Ghostbusters shared a banner year for Hollywood with the Terminator, Gremlins, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Sixteen Candles and Purple Rain! The NeverEnding Story and Nightmare on Elm Street!! The Last Starfighter and Red Dawn!!! Footloose, Splash, and POLICE ACADEMY!!!! What in the F#&K?!?! There are a dozen more classics I can name from that year but won’t…Romancing the Stone (one of my favs, fight me!)

If you have not seen the original movie there will be a lot of references you do not get but I do not think the movie suffers. And if you are a fan of the original this checks lots of boxes. I was smiling the entire time.

Sequels and continuations are always risky but this one hit it out of the park. It honored the original and had fresh energy delicious to the last drop. I don’t want to spoil anything but I highly recommend this one. I rate it ALL THE FRENCH TOAST!

The music selection is top notch too. I forgot how much I loved The Clapping Song!!

Restaurant Review

Speaking of french toast, The Griddle Cafe, https://thegriddle.com/, was the breakfast destination of the day and here was the spread

It was as good as it looks

Exquisite coffee comes in a personal French press! This particular interpretation of eggs benedict was unique and original and I am here for it. The hollandaise sauce was in the top 5 that I have had in my entire life. Velvety with a hint of acidity. Crispy and perfectly cooked potato skins and a giant ham steak round it out. The peanut butter french toast (that is not the menu name but you can throw a dart at the menu and strike gold) was decadent. Piled high with fresh whipped cream and crushed up Nutter Butters and giant slices of bread stuffed with peanut butter. Syrup with the fancy, alcohol style pour spout and this entire experience is a must have. It was a hazy day but the trip was worth the views alone.

Short and sweet tonight, consistency is the goal. Peace

The inside garden at Yamashiro Hollywood

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