11/19/2021 Venice Beach California

In a journal entry dated September 22,1995. New York City. Gregory Jaynes, while thinking of how his too good memory “is mostly a burdensome possession”. He continues “Memory gives me such a short fuse with people who don’t bother with it, as most people don’t; nor should they. Much of life is trivial and should go behind you unremarked”. He acknowledges the irony of such a position by someone keeping a journal. What is a journal if not an attempt to have thoughts and ideas made permanent. Much of life is indeed trivial. Triviality is not the only qualification for why a memory may not be of value to keep. One of my favorite things about reading is it can be a shortcut to deep realizations. What a beautiful thing to pass down; experiences.

I guess that is what I am trying to do here.

Cloudy night

To share the pretty things I see. To share my ideas and experiences. Songs I like. Like this one.

This was just a quick check in today but I also posted my November Notes if anyone is interested.

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