11/20/2021 Venice Beach California

Ok, tonight I am starting off with the song of the day because clouds have once again robbed the beach of it’s beloved closing ceremony. A few oranges of the precious golden hour pierced the cloudy blanket from time to time. Enough to fool a few of us out into the sand pulled by a thread of hope. Nope.

Today’s vibe captured in melody

On days where the sky fails to pour its cheerful radiation upon me I often fill the vacancy training my focus on gratitude. Gregory Jayne remarks in Come Hell or Highwater (diary entry on October 6, 1995) when he receives a clean bill of health; “I feel I have gotten away with something-reckless living on my part without penalty, so far.” I do not know a single human that can exclude that sentiment from their gratitude list. We have all taken cash advances from our bodies bank, some just get better interest rates. I happen to have lived quite a bit of my life with the pedal to the metal. I look not at my clean bill of health as something earned or achieved. In the war of attrition that is human life, I have been very very lucky. For that I am grateful.

Firehouse for a Saturday evening meal. I love this spot.

A night of people watching in Venice is on par with any the world over. Opulence and poverty living past one another like the never mixing motion of a lava lamp. The eccentricity of old Hollywood and the fallout of late stage capitalism create a palette that paints a world that is a fever dream come true. Heaven and hell share a zip code and it truly is beautiful. If you live to far from heaven or hell it becomes easy to forget the other exists. At night through my open window I can hear the beach waves crash through night silence. I also hear people in crisis doing battle with enemies only they can see.

The moon did its best to fill the void of the stolen sunset. The camera did its best to share it. Both fell short.

The beauty of this place still catches me off guard. All times of day and night I am stopped in my tracks and compelled to take a picture. I often forget that this has only been an option for a very short while. Every picture I have posted is taken at either .5x or 1x zoom on the quick open tab of my camera phone. I love living in the future. I love living in Venice. This place has a pulse.

During my workouts at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach I am often drawn to the walls. They are covered in everything from signed Jerseys and Arnold’s leather jacket from Terminator 2. To all sorts of nostalgic pictures from the gym’s long and vibrant history. The staircase to the locker rooms is lined with framed 8×10’s. I am a lifelong Masters of the Universe fan and consider He-Man a personal friend and mentor. I have no explanation for why I have not seen this picture until this very night but given all that I just shared you will believe me when I say this may be one of the best things I have ever seen.

You’re welcome.

Thank you to whoever these people are. Thank you so much!

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  1. gmh99 November 21, 2021 / 6:05 am

    You found He-man and She-ra! She was always my favorite ❤

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