11/21/2021 Venice Beach California

It was a warm summer day in late November here today and it brough out a crowd. The boardwalk park vibrated an energy that easily made the troubles of the world seem of another world. And yes, there was a sunset!

Absolutely electric

I did not realize this little patch of magic had the official title “Skate Dance Plaza”. I LOVE IT!!

The cones marked an outer track and skaters skirted the edges with groove and grace. The inner sanctum dedicated to a group dancing to a choreographed number. Mesmerizing.

I have video I am in the process of learning to upload. Please be patient. I will shill my youtube channel in no time I promise.


If the sunsets are getting redundant for you this may not be your blog.

Sunsets are magical, exponentially more so at the beach. Hundreds of phones and cameras pointed up to capture the moment but the sight is just one component. The crashing waves and music coming from all directions adds texture. A drum circle down a bit adds a heartbeat. A family dancing like everyone was watching and a proud matriarch recording the moment smiling so hard her hat rose.

A young couple kissing between laughs. Some braver souls than I plunging into the brine. The sea breeze passing through my apartment did not lull me to sleep for too long, there are only so many sunsets left.

The world is still a work in progress. Our world, our countries, our communities, our families, ourselves. All pieces of one system that can work in such beautiful harmony, but not without effort. This blog is not going to be my platform to present grievance. 2021 just suffered another setback in our progress and there are likely more to come. If we lose hope they win.

The song of the day is from Sugarshack Sessions. Check out their Youtube channel. Incredible performances. I feel this one speaks to the moment perfectly.

This is AMAZING!!

I will close with a paraphrased quote from Scott Essman in a book of his I checked out from the library.

“The more you rely on your dreams to guide you, the more apt you are to succeed.”

That afterglo tho

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  1. dchilders13coxnet November 23, 2021 / 2:50 am

    I really love your writings! I enjoy the visuals in my mind that your writings bring out! Very thought provoking too sometimes!

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