11/23/2021 Venice Beach California

Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame invited the lead singer of Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump onto his show Live From Daryl’s House. Patrick steals the show and this rendition gives me chills.

So good

The streets surrounding my gym are seeing an increasing number of homeless campers returning. It is really impressive some of the efforts the people make to give an ambiance of “normal”. I saw a lady disciplining her cat saying “we do not puke inside!”. Lines of shoes outside tents signaling a No Shoes Inside policy. An image I will never get out of my head was a luxurious Rolls Royce parked directly in front of a row of tents. The system is so broken.

Google has offices on the same road with tents in the perimeter. A security guard stands outside of the parking garage and rear entrance. An employee on a bicycle pedaled up to the guard with a warm greeting presenting a badge for admittance. In what presented as a tone deaf attempt at small talk, the frail bearded fellow in the pink shorts and Tommy Bahama shirt, adjusting his bicycle helmet asked “are the campers being nice today?” The use of the word campers was an obvious attempt at being PC but do you hear it? Do you hear the problem? My eyebrow climbed my forehead in response to the voice in my head saying “whatthafu”. Before the thought completed its journey the young security guard pleasantly replied “they are ALWAYS nice sir. Have a great day.” Have a great day was spoken, I heard have the day you deserve.

Whether it was just tone deaf or the person genuinely holds the belief that homeless people are inherently not nice is irrelevant. I am grateful that the young security guard spoke an unflinching truth. Thank you young man.

The great painter of the sky lays to rest

Did you know that adjusted for size the Earth is smoother than a billiard ball?

Did you know that proportionally the paint on a globe is thicker than the atmosphere is to the Earth?

Standing in the beach sand today I noticed the sky in a way you may have seen it from time to time. The clouds stretched thin like whisps of smoke from a chimney on a breezy day. Stretching thin and far enough to dip off the horizon. Almost low enough to reach up and grab. Such a tiny thin layer and everything happens within it.

Well, I am off to bed but I leave you with this. The great Carl Sagan.

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  1. sfedis November 24, 2021 / 2:52 pm

    A profound message as always. The music was soooo good and always encourages me to slow down and take a listen. Have the day you deserve 🤍

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