11/24/2021 Venice Beach California

Here is the song of the day. It’s a vibe.

You’re welcome.

Mindfulness Moment of the Day

I was down at the beach taking pictures of the sunset as per usual. It was a stunner so the crowd was big. I caught myself, not angry or even frustrated really, just thinking the thought that wanted them out of the way to get a clean shot. I noticed the thoughts when I had them and they felt yuck. I was not wishing harm or even that they were not there, just that they were not in my shot. I did not like how the thought felt. I have heard so many people over the years tell me their dream would be to live someplace beautiful in solitude. Without crowds or lines or traffic. I get it. It has a nice ring to it. But I love people. I would rather celebrate getting to share this sunset with my community than have it all to myself. Of course, there are moments where it is nice to get a little slice of time and space to ourselves or just among a few loved ones. This was not that moment.

Never gets old

Speaking of community. The people of Venice have been exceedingly kind and have a sense of community here that is palpable and wholesome in a very Venice way. One of the first people I met in this city is a fascinating person, with stories for days and radiates kindness. A school bus with crazy Christmas decorations and a basketball hoop. They set up a stand giving out free tacos and slices of pie. A guy in a Santa suit came out and started taking challengers. A crowd formed immediately and it was quite the spectacle.

This was so cool

I think many of the symptoms we face as a society are a direct result of a fractured community. Communities are families at scale, and societies are communities at scale. Tight communities have all of the beauty of a family. The tolerance. The compassion. Good families don’t exclude. Good communities don’t exclude. We cannot tolerate societies that exclude. Any community where a school bus rocking a bad ass Christmas basketball hoop pulls up slangin tacos is one I am proud to call home.

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