11/28/2021 Venice Beach California

I hope anyone reading this had a wonderful weekend. If you live in the States, it was Thanksgiving weekend and I would like to share some thoughts.

It is a common adage that one should “never see how the sausage is made”. It seems that all traditions passed down through generations in America are stained, this one being no exception. On the one hand it is the most anti capitalistic of fall holidays being the only one that does not require gifts and/or costumes and an excess of decorations. (although my mother rocks the Thanksgiving decorations)

Steeped in gluttony but not greed, it is besieged by a dark origin story as well. A white washed version of Thanksgiving’s roots has been fed to generations of Americans. I hope as the U.S. atones for its past and we educate ourselves honestly and with unflinching transparency, that the spirit of the fall feast lives on. A celebration of gratitude should be able to survive on its own merit. Simply rebranding it a fall feast based on giving and gratitude might give it international appeal. Bringing light from the dark and giving the whole world a chance to share a meat sweat afternoon nap.

That’s all on that for now. I will dig deeper into the topic in an upcoming post.

Here is the song of the day.

This is an amazing performance and I love the intimacy with the crowd.

The boardwalk was rocking today. EDM (electric dance music) rocking from the park pours through my open window as I write this. Just barely out competing the massive drum circle pulsing steps to the north. I can’t help but feel the similarities between them. A primal heavy beat setting the stage for connection through dancing and harmony. In settings like this people’s hearts sync up. There is a deep beauty in that. Many becoming one, uniting on the vibrations of the felt but unseen.

high energy, loud music, and a beautiful sunset.

As the day settles down i will leave you with two more things. Many parts of Venice are largely as they were a century ago. What a powerful view this is, knowing that people were probably standing in the very spot I took the following picture 100 years ago.

I am grateful to live here

I hope this post doesn’t read as perfunctory as it was created. It was a long weekend of emotions and the first I have spent away from specific family in a long time. I was able to spend time with them through video chat, and text messages. Things that did not even exist in the world the majority of the time we have been on this beautiful planet. For that I am grateful. I love you all.

This made me laugh so hard it gave me a side stitch.

This guy’s energy!!

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