11/29/2021 Venice Beach California

There is so much more to the world than making systems bigger than us keep working. We flood ourselves with distractions under cover of efficiency. We neglect ourselves for productivity. We avoid disruption and discomfort in any form at all costs. The degree to which we push back against any of these social pressures is the exact amount we grow, improve, and evolve. We dream of futures we don’t live. We aspire to futures we don’t actively construct. Anyone who defies these will confirm the magic lies beneath. We can afford it. It is possible. Some day will be our last, and so few leap before their spirit goes home.

This guy gets it. Here is the song of the day.

Life is a class where the test is given before the lesson

I am reexploring the idea of philosophy. I think it is time. I remember first learning of the Greek philosophers very young. Men in togas sitting around talking? A dream job if ever there was but what benefit could that possibly be. The energy of youth offered experiences galore and sitting around talking about them failed to manifest intrigue.

In college I was reintroduced to “philosophy”. A college class little more than multiple choice tests mixing “isms” with names of the dead. Still was not connecting with the ideas and may have been just a little up my own ass at that age.

The world philosophy literally means “love of wisdom”. I am not sure how much I possess but I claim to be a fan. I will dump my philosophical purse on the table in a dedicated post but turns out being able to think deeply and fully was figured out long ago. I think I have often mistaken advances in technology as an indicator of an aggregate increase in social intellect. Turns out that is not the trend at all. What a magnificent accomplishment of early society to have thought about the nature of the mind so deeply that we still study their insights today?

The new facade of the Venice V Hotel looking classy AF

Great dreamers’ dreams are never fulfilled, they are always transcended.

The last burn of the setting sun. Pictures never do it justice.

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