12/1/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the day:

A clip of this song is a real popular Tik Tok sound right now so you may be familiar. It’s a catchy little bop but it really has a ton of heart and the young romance vibe comes pouring through. I love it.

It was a beautiful day today. The sun never really made an appearance and the fog hung so thick it weighed down my hoodie.

The ocean sounded as if it had snuck closer under the fogs disguise.

Venice is eclectic is more ways than one can count. The way it is laid out and how every few feet seems to be its own little world. I wander alleys and throughways finding endless imagery that is like none other.

How can a place look so haunted yet so welcoming?

This city is so out of place and so perfectly itself.

This is just a point and click from a camera phone.

To live in a place so inspiring puts pressure on me daily to create. It feels disrespectful to take in all of the beauty and reality and not return something from it. This place makes no sense. Places that make sense end up disregarded. Living in a confusing world provides a buffet of endless new stories, insights, and adventures. I hope I do it proud.

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