12/4/2021 Venice Beach California

I genuinely hope everyone had as wonderful of a day as I did today. The sun did its best throughout and made for a cool and comfortable day. I hit the library today and it was pure magic because that is what libraries ARE!!!

I found 2 books cataloging weird facts and stories. One from around the United States and the other just California. One of my favorite things about my new state is that it can hold its own with the country at large in terms of oddity and eccentricity. I also picked up a cool X-Men graphic novel and a monster of a book by historian Jill Lepore called These Truths, a History of the United States. This one I am excited about. It was published in 2018 and is over 800 pages with almost 100 of them being the reference pages.

Frank Miller also put out a new Dark Night graphic novel that I saw, but the literary plate spills the edges already. Next trip for sure.

Tonight was the Christmas lighting of the Venice sign. It was a great time with music and festivities galore.

Prior to the typically yellow sign being light in Christmas greens and reds there were great musicians and a joyous atmosphere.

There is no song of the day today. Instead, I am presenting an interview I saw some years back that had stayed with me. The world has new tools allowing for a version of real time conversations to always be happening. It largely gives the perception of a world in conflict. I think that is bullshit. History books weigh the Earth down with stories illustrating countless pathetic fights that threaten to burn the world down one day and cannot be recalled the next. The only difference now is many people carry their particular bullhorns in their pocket and can engage in disputes ad infinitum. It will never progress until we change the standard. I think this is a great mentality to start with.

So much of the magic in the world is on the other side of “if we are brave enough…”.

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