12/5/2021 Venice Beach California

There is some kind of strain in the air. A lot of mental health crises at the beach the last few days. Twice in as many days I’ve had to step in and deescalate situations. I am lucky my imposing presence is usually more than enough, but violence is a symptom of desperation and desperation is addressable. These people were suffering and scared. There has to be more we can do to prevent casualties of social war.


There is a philosophy termed Sankofa. It is the idea that we look to the past to inform the path forward. It comes from Ghana and has beautiful stories and elaborate symbols. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adinkra_symbols

The age of technology has put an interesting barrier up to this practice. How do we use timeless insights to inform our philosophy when tomorrow is a rapidly evolving unknown. What can we learn from an isolated past to inform a connected future? I have my theories. The Adinkra imagery represents hope and cooperation. Patience and friendship along with jealousy and attention. These ideas are pondered in the oldest written words we have. They transcend the situations of the world. Hopefully they will continue to guide us into the fog.

I reject the idea that we live in a bad world with fundamentally flawed people. I understand how easy that idea is to get trapped in, but it simply is not the case. The world is trending the right direction and on a long enough timeline, barring apocalypse, the world will continue to become more magical. Don’t forget to get excited about that.

Don’t forget to dream!

I am a Gen Xer and remember vividly learning that the future was going to provide all sorts of amazing tech and it has delivered. Vis a vis me sharing my thoughts with the entire world here and now. I find massive beauty in that.

The beautiful park backlit by a smoldering sunset, with the moon and a planet (not sure which one, I’m not an astrologer) peeking back.

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