12/6/2021 Venice Beach California

We have to brave enough to listen

I love uneven sidewalks. Always have. Flat clean sidewalks are pretty and far less treacherous. I find them boring.




Good for strollers, night walks, and ankle health.

But can you jump a bike off it? Can you careen over them like Mowgli? They are much more fun. They make sidewalks exciting. I can’t be the only one who thinks sidewalks deserve the unexciting reputation? Unless there are cracks you can’t see!! Slants do the Ninja Warrior side to side leaps on. I will cross the street in favor of the uneven sidewalks. I love how they playfully show the passage of time. Mother Earth reminding us she is unimpressed and will only tolerate it so long. She wants to stretch, and a little concrete is not going to stop her. Mind the step puny humans.

Pretty frequently different groups around Venice do community clean ups. Some provide supplies, some self-provision, but they all make group efforts to clean the streets and beaches up just out of a love for the place. I will be participating joyously in the next one. Expect pics.

In a quest to become an informed citizen I have made consistent efforts studying history. It is depressing and encouraging simultaneously but often fascinating beyond the credit given. History is an interpretation of a collage. We find scattered remains and writings of past civilizations and backfill beautiful stories. The stories repeat and the parts we connect with most deeply seem to transcend time. It can give the impression of wisdom to see certain parts of the world from a higher, more informed perspective. It can also get really depressing when you think you have had some profound insight the world needs to be hastily made aware of just to see it articulated beautifully on some ancient clay tablet. It keeps the ego right sized to know the best thoughts of which I am capable were written down thousands of years prior by a guy in a sheet and sandals who undoubtedly heard it from a woman in his life who thought him a bit soft in the head.

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