12/7/2021 Venice Beach California

The vibe around town was much improved. Still cloudy and foggy but a fun loving crowd was still out and about. There is one particular street behind the gym here that has become a community for the houseless. There is a toilet and a wash station in the street. Large sturdy tents covering the smaller individual ones. Many are well decorated. A few have Christmas trees. I grieve seeing a community calling the street home. This left me knowing they have not lost hope. My own actions introduced me to struggle and desperation for quite a while. I know how quickly the world can close itself off to those who lose their way. It was a triumphant symbol.

Change so rarely occurs with permission

The war on poverty doesn’t have to be a shooting war. We live in a world with the tools to fix the problems we agree on. We just need to agree on the problems. Until a person’s value is decoupled from their productivity we will struggle. Humans have to be allowed to fail, struggle, and recover without it costing them their privilege to be sheltered. I have many more thoughts on the topic, but I will save them for the book.

I love lights. It is my favorite part of any holiday decoration.

I am a sucker for lights.

India celebrates Diwali just before Halloween. It is a celebration of light and the beauty cannot be exaggerated.

The pictures do no justice.

I dream of a world that fills the calendar with the celebrations of the myriad cultures we are made of. I have been fortunate enough to make friends from many different countries and they all have some really cool celebrations. Swedish Midsomer is beautiful and elegant. Summer needs more holidays! The Chinese New Year celebration has a beautiful lantern festival where they give these beautiful red envelopes as gifts. I’m in. Hardly a day passes I’m not informed of it being some National Random Bullshit Day. I say we amplify every holiday from every culture all year around. I would love to learn some new songs and dances. New foods and beautiful stories of what is being celebrated and why. Tell me what to wear and what to bring. I’m in.

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