12/8/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the day

I absolutely love this

Spent the early afternoon downtown visiting the Grammy Museum at the invitation of a dear friend. If you are in L.A. it is worth a check out. Lots of great memorabilia and stories galore. The Dave Mathews exhibit was well done and a whole floor dedicated to Motown. An interactive sound room showing the progression of recording methods over the last century was an experience. Right upon entry there is a touch screen display allowing a deep dive into more categories of music than I ever knew existed. Krautrock is a thing! Google it.

The area the museum sits in is absolutely gorgeous.

A little Rockefeller vibe in downtown LA. Complete with rapidly melting ice rink.

Today was laundry day so I passed the time listening to an episode of the Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris. The good episodes on this podcast are great. The Limits of Self Knowledge sounded an intriguing enough title. It did not disappoint. As I walked through a section of neighborhood I had yet to explore listening to a couple super brains talk about Metacognition and Theory of Mind I was captured by this view.

Looking down on the blanket of morning fog.

The picture does not do the sight justice. It stopped me in my tracks, as I almost stopped the car seen approaching in the picture.

It was a fascinating podcast and a legitimate rabbit hole. Our understanding of science is limited to the tools we have. The picture of space and the natural world we have is a collection of what we have measured with the instruments available. The collider in Switzerland, and an array of space telescopes. We fill in the blanks with the data collected and interpret as best we can. (well… scientists do LOL). *are LOL’s allowed on a blog? Hmmm

Humans have not developed tools capable of probing questions like “why do I talk to myself?”. We all do it. We explore situations through internal question and answer sessions only we can hear in our heads. When we tell ourselves “you can do it!”, who are we speaking too? Aren’t I the you in that scenario? We affirm and criticize ourselves in our own heads. It is really quire strange. One fantastic benefit is it allows us to self soothe and calm ourselves with rational discourse, all being “heard” with no noise. The voice answers questions!!! “What is that person’s name?” is given a response when asked! “Dave” I respond to me. “Oh yeah Dave!” me responds back to I. And me and I have a good chuckle over me not remembering Dave’s name and having to ask my friend I that lives in my head and has the keener knack for names.

It’s really weird.

The sunset was gorgeous for a moment but clouds rolled in and extinguished the show early. Still captured this moment.

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