12/9/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the Day

“You can’t replace reading with other sources of information like videos, because you need to read in order to write well, and you need to write in order to think well.”

— Paul Graham

I have also heard it stated that writing is the method by which we realize how little we actually know. I agree with this in one way. Anytime I happen upon a topic that gives me pause, I try to look into it deeper. One such example is this headline I encountered just this morning.

Quebec unlocks world’s only maple syrup strategic reserve to keep pancake lovers happy


Being a pancake lover myself I was compelled to learn more. Like what in the f#$k is a “maple syrup strategic reserve”?

Buckle up!

So in the 60’s maple syrup growers in Quebec Canada joined forces eventually forming the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. Apparently you have to be involved in the industry to get merch but the lady was as polite as the Canadian reputation foretells. Moving on.

One thing this Federation does is maintain the International Strategic Reserve (ISR), 100 million pounds of the sweet sweet tree blood kept to ensure supplies in case of emergency. America keeps oil, the Canadians keep syrup. The U.S. has amazing neighbors.

This reserve is being tapped into this holiday season amid shortages of the sweet heavenly nectar. Now, at this point you may be asking why would Canada feel the need to keep such a vast reserve? I know I was. Imagine my surprise when I googled “strategic maple syrup reserve” and this was the first result.

Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist 

I shit you not!!

So in 2011 thieves started siphoning heaven’s oil eventually making off with about $18.7M worth selling it to buyers in New England.

I learned a lot of things today. The joy this information brought me cannot be exaggerated, and I know I will sleep better warmed in the reassurance reinforcements are available in times of high demand for the angelic mana. Oh Canada!

I am grateful to anyone reading this. My exercise is consistency is going well and it really has been making my days more engaging. I am more present in the moments that I am looking for things to soak in. It was a rainy day but the gym is always my happy place. I love my gym a lot.

Pumping Iron is the movie that first introduced me to Vencie Beach. It’s like I get to go to Disneyland every day.

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