12/13/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the Day


Winter appears to have arrived at the beach. It was cold last night, but the heater works marvelously. Beach people are built different. The beach breeze was bone chilling this morning and this was the scene at the breakwater.

Surf was most definitely up

These surfers are really something. So much patience just to get a wave. The sun tried to break through a few times but never succeeded. A small group of children ranging from probably 4 to 14 with an older chaperone were doing a small beach cleanup. It was wholesome overwhelm. Some of these toughlings were barefoot. Running around picking up trash with the enthusiasm of a proper treasure hunt. No two kids looked alike. It was the neatest thing. They looked like a band. They all had very whimsical clothing and one was even sporting some young dreads. They were all polite and cooperative and radiating enthusiasm. The warmth cut through the chill with ease. At least one of them was a designated sea shell collector too. They were all on high alert to avoid accidentally discard a pretty shell. I hope it’s always sunny on all of their birthdays.

The weather was a bit rough throughout the day so I stayed in and read a lot. I am reading several amazing books right now. One is a deep dive into American history and it is hard to put down. This country is such a complicated story. I do not consider myself uninformed on authentic American history, but I am realizing that I never had a clear timeline as to when certain things happened, and how insane it is that anyone survived anything back in those days. People were nuts. I am going to start doing book reviews as frequently as possible and am excited to share them.

Took this pic at the graffiti park.

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