12/14/2021 Venice Beach California

It never rains in southern California my ass!!! It was absolutely bananas today. I wouldn’t say it was flooding but there was a lot of water everywhere. Walking back this morning left me wet to the ankle and my hoodie is still damp. The sun managed to make occasional appearances. Beach sand behaves oddly in the wind. In ways that appear counter intuitive to me. It is very whispy. It dances, staying low like a cloudy weather system only about knee high. I tried to photograph the action; no good images were achieved.

Beach people are built different though. The moment that sun peeked out they were on the beach. Mouthfuls of sand HAD to be happening, and people were leaning into the wind at what looked like 45 degrees. In the alley behind the apartments the water rushing down the grooves was being sprayed upwards into the faces of the poor souls stuck in it. Anyway, so I just sat in and got to read and write all day. I loved it. It is always our choice what we do next.

In that spirit the song I chose for today is from the punk rock band Rancid. The original version is from an album called And Out Come the Wolves which is pure fire from beginning to end. This version is being played in a surf shop, with a surf feel set to a boppy piano. I really love it. The chorus is an affirmation.

I have thrust myself into a life adventure and it has proven to be nothing short of one. What I have found most beneficial so far is to be comfortable sucking at everything for a while. It is ok to suck when you are learning. It is ok to learn at a snail’s pace and have to revisit seemingly simple things countless times. Some shit just doesn’t stick. That is ok. I am on my first attempts at many forms of writing. I am experimenting with video editing and if I really dedicate myself a few more times I will still be less competent than a 6-year-old with a passing interest in the topic. I am on my 200th try at Spanish. I don’t give a shit. I will get there exactly when I need to be there and I am having a blast learning. Tech is getting really user friendly and I AM HERE FOR IT!!! The passion I have for technology outweighs my proficiency by 100% but there are infinite free learning tools now, and the premium stuff is even more amazing, and it’s all yummy so I gobble it up.

It was a slow day, so that’s the best I got. Good night. LOL

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