12/16/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the Day:

The Holstee Manifesto

I stole the The Holstee Manifesto from https://www.themarginalian.org/. If you do not follow and regularly read this blog, you are really missing out. It is the best blog on the internet. She does deep meaningful dives into topics that matter. The real stuff. The nature of dreams and consciousness. What it means to love in an insane world. Every article is an absolute gold mine of links and mental voyages that I encourage everyone to follow and support. As I transition into this new life of mine, I try to share the thoughts and feelings of my journey. I am trying to improve my use of language and my ability to communicate my ideas to the world through my writing. Maria Popova is the best of the best and has inspired me beyond measure.

The weather has been unpredictable and impulsive. Even so I have been able to get a few shots worth sharing. I grieve for the unhoused during these weather events. So many people have their stuff damaged or destroyed during winds and rains. The forgiving weather at the beach can be a cruel comfort when the mood changes to such a degree. It rained so hard the surfer associations cautioned the wave riders to honor a 72 hour rule to avoid being in the water with the runoff from the city. While there were far less surfers on the beach, many could not resist the waves the weather provided. I hope they rinsed off.

I want to thank anyone and everyone taking the time to read this diary. My exercise in consistency has been enjoyable and I hope along the way I may be able to introduce you to some new tunes, where my mind is at during these unique times, and share some pretty pictures. If you have read this far, please do me a favor and reread the Holstee Manifesto. Praise yourself for any of those behaviors already representing you. Listen carefully to any that resonate, particularly the scary ones. Those are the treasure chests that need to be unlocked.

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