12/17/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the Day:

Bear game on point!

It was a great day. I went for a walk. I am invited to a special event on Monday requiring a suit jacket, of which I do not have. Until today. Abbot Kinney Blvd. cuts an angle through town and is lined with a vibrant stretch of retail. I got coffee today at the flagship store for Tom’s. https://www.toms.com/. I love this company. They donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. An unforgiving change of status quo is the revolution the world needs right now. People doing the right things loudly is the only weapon necessary to win this war. Everything is impossible until someone just does it anyway. Their coffee is super strong, staff ingratiating, and cause beneficent. Too bad they don’t carry shoes in my size.

Merry Christmas

Speaking of things difficult to find in my size, the pursuit of my suit jacket was quite an adventure. Now I have never been a shopper. Hate it. Hate trying stuff on, hate picking stuff out, hate making decisions… All of it. Hate it. Somehow the angle of sunshine hit just right and every store I went into was more enjoyable than the last. It is mostly boutique stores to everything was very unique and specific. The sizes varied widely as a 4x was too small and a 2x was the final choice. I know this was nothing compared to the lack of standardized sizing women deal with so I will just leave that part alone. But shopping is kinda fun. Some strong coffee, favorable weather, and a little beach town fashion I have a newfound appreciation for the shopping adventure.


I am constantly in awe of the energy here. The music never stops. Good and bad. The art never stops. Good and bad. The people never stop. Good and bad. But there is a lot of humanity here. There are a lot of people doing what people everywhere do. Get by the best they can. This city is a juxtaposition of wealth and poverty. Of struggle and triumph. I see desperation and kindness woven together and believe that is the only way out. All boats must rise, or what is even the point.

It was a show tonight. The bird nailed the action shot.

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