A dear friend has invited me to The Magic Castle, http://www.magiccastle.com/, so I am posting this pre-sunset today.

The song of the day is a commercial today, but I am saving it for the end.

One of the things I like to use as a mental framework is a futuristic mindset. Futurism is the science of making informed predictions about various things. Technology is the most common application. By the very nature of being a “technology”, there is an observable, and often predictable progression. Let us use TVs as an example. Every few years they make some combination of quality and feature advances and are introduced at a premium price. Then we see a cost reduction making more widely available. Then a new advance, so on and so forth. Computers, smartphones, videogame systems. These all follow similar patterns. So futurists accept the axiom; once something either becomes technology, or becomes solvable with technology, it will rapidly progress through a cycle similar to TVs. It would be perfectly ridiculous to think 10 years from now any technology will not advance if resources are applied.

Language is a technology. Looking at language through a futuristic lens we see faster and faster progression and it would be insane to claim it will not continue. What kind of predictions does this allow us to make? New inventions will always need names. Everything from corporations (Google) to music (synth pop country bop reggae rock) will add to the lexicon making it inevitable language will advance. New ideas will emerge showing more and more ways to bridge the language barrier. Some people do not model the world this way. There will be many people who cannot fathom a world where everyone can communicate in real time, but according to Futurism it is an inevitability. Not only is it inevitable, but once there is a universal language, it is going to keep advancing and advancing and advancing.

Futurism takes it one step further by applying math to the problem in order to get an idea of probable timeframes. There are far too many variables in play to achieve precision, but informed predictions can be made and are often very accurate.

Check out this commercial from 1993

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