12/21/2021 Venice Beach California

Song of the Day:

I could listen to Mr. White on an acoustic all day

Something I learned at today years old:

The measurement unit a Quart gets it name by way of being one QUARTer of a gallon. I have known there were 4 quarts to a gallon since elementary school. I have known the word quarter infers 1 of 4 parts of a whole. Never made the connection on my own.

This picture does the full moon no justice at all. I still love the pic.

I was walking to the gym today and a squirrel ran across my path. It sprinted down a tree, across the path I was approaching on, grabbed a small apple and turned to return from whence it came. As the small almond colored creature with the feather duster tail began the voyage back, we crossed paths and paused. An apple held in mouth, half green, half red, twice the size of its head. It rose to its hind legs. Not in panic or fear. Simply doing the same thing I was, pausing as a courtesy to allow a fellow lifeform the right of way. Neither of us spoke but with my body language I offered a polite “after you”, I swear the little rodent offered an eerily human gesture with a tiny rodent hand, “no I insist, after you” their reply clear as day. Not one for rudeness I promptly went on my way as my deferential friend scampered up the tree.

It made me smile.

I had more vibrant pics, but I love the photobomb.

I love this little town. The iconic Venice beach sign in festive red and green colors. People constantly stand in the street to get pictures with the sign. In a town where people will honk at you before the light turns green the invasion is pretty well tolerated. The crosswalk does give about 30 seconds but often the light does not cooperate, or a mom wants that perfect shot of the kids and time runs out. It is all in good fun.

Love where you are in every single moment.

Love every moment just because you have it.

Love every feeling just because you felt it.

All of this is a gift.

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