12/28/2021 Venice Beach California

I just returned from a most wonderful holiday visit home. It filled my heart and charged my batteries. The second full blown COVID holiday. I guess small and quiet will be the norm for a while. It be like that sometimes.

Song of the Day:

The longest night of the year has passed and now little by little days will stretch back out, elbowing the night back where it belongs. That excites me. The sunsets take longer, and people are happier. The unhoused community suffers disproportionately in these conditions. It makes for desperation, but I see a lot of helpers out there. I am constantly struck right in the feels by how much compassion exists is in the world.

While I was watching the sunset from the skatepark, leaning on the cold guardrail, the kids next to me were talking. The young girl was struggling with some life choice and the young buy was being an amazing friend. He was listening to here. Questioning her. Challenging her. It was not blind support; he was asking her the right questions and being the friend she needed. It was really wholesome.

The world is not a knowable place. George Washington was dead years before the first dinosaur fossil was discovered. He lived in a world where the monsters of old were still mythology. We would have museums filled with bone fragments of ancient monsters before it was discovered sound and light could be captured using electromagnetism. We went from the first flight to the moon landing in 66 years. Things are changing so fast it is difficult to keep up with. I sure hope that young girl chases her dream. I hope everyone gets to.

I loved the new Matrix. It was unnecessary and wonderful. The story barely held itself together but there were treats and prizes around every corner. The coffee shop was called Simulatte!! There was genuine creativity, gratuitous action, and heaps of nostalgia, I was satiated. The movie explicitly states the conditions under which it was made. Lana Wachowski did not want it made, but since a sequel was inevitable she stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. I am grateful she did but an artist I would have preferred the creators wishes had been respected.

I know I already hit you with a video but this is worth a watch. The Matrix demo for Unreal Engine 5 shows the state video games are at now. Mind. Blowing.

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