12/30/2021 Venice Beach California

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!! The rain has showed impressive endurance as of late. I slept yesterday all the way away.

Song of the Day:

I love living in the future.

As the year draws to a close and I am obligated to remember the year will now be 2022, it is beginning to look like this is just how things are going to be from now on. It be like that sometimes. The kids in that video are what it’s all about now. People making absolute magic with what is available. Technology was not waiting ready to support this transition to online life. It arrived JUST IN TIME. Something remarkable about that.

Neil Gaiman

I am not a huge fan of New Year’s. I don’t like staying up late and the fireworks scare the animals. I do love to set my vision for the upcoming year. Goals are easy. It’s not a shopping list and I never got much from carrying around a list of things I wish would happen to me. The goals inform the behaviors. What am I going to do consistently to make my dreams happen? I dream really really big, and this almost always leaves me taking shots in the dark. I do not have a goal until I have a vision to attach it to, and a plan of action. My 2 biggest go-to strategies for chasing windmills in the dark are to read and to talk. If I have even the slightest interest in a topic I go to the library and pick 3-5 books on the topic. This is all the kindling for locating the door to the rabbit hole. The goal is not to become an expert, it is to get enough moving around in my mind to ask better questions on the topic.

My other strategy is to tell my dreams to anyone listening. This is actually as close to magic as I have personally experienced. It harvests coincidence and uncovers serendipity. It makes connections with people much the same way neurons connect to generate ideas. It shows me goals I could never have guessed previously. I used to set probabilistic goals, now I set possibilistic goals. I set them beyond what is possible and give chase until they are. This way there are no setbacks, the experiences are the accomplishment. The new, and hopefully better version of myself that emerges can think better thoughts than the me of today can.

The best way to get stronger is to feel weak a lot. Hard challenges and consistent effort.

The same works for the brain. The best way to get smarter is to feel stupid a lot.


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