Venice Beach California 1/2/2022

Song of the Day:

This is a fantastic depiction of the vibe here.

Sunday vibes

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sundays here are the best. It can be 52 degrees out, but the sunshine makes it tank top weather. I rented a bicycle and went for a long ride.

A perfect day

Muscle beach on the Venice side was hopping. Basketball, handball, pickleball. It was a ball bonanza. Lots of tourists trying out the chin up bars, rings, and ropes. Some serious boxing going on at the bags. The energy radiated. I hope the open up the weight pit soon.

This bird was just chilling

Sunset on Sunday belongs to the Venice Electric Bike Parade and they were in action tonight. I love the creativity and the waves of music and cheering they bring. The little kids are adorable.

What better way to spend the sunset!
It was a burner

The drum circle that celebrates the sunset makes me so happy. A few dozen people group up with their drums and as the sun makes final decent, they go berserk. Howling and yipping to frantic drumbeats celebrating the beauty of nights arrival. The shoreline dotted with families and young sweethearts. Kids chasing dogs and dogs chasing back. It always strikes me how quickly the sun goes from touching the water to out of sight. It looks still in the sky at any given moment. It hurries to bed. Time passes fast.

Too fast.

Betty White passed away at 99. What a representative of humanity that woman was. Beloved from every direction and the absolute best of us. She did the right thing when it mattered and never let us take her too seriously. She was so very funny and always kind. An ally and an example. The cascade of tributes online have been wholesome and hilarious. That contagious laugh!! Thank you Betty White.

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