Venice Beach California 1/3/2022

There is beauty in the world everywhere we look. If we look to the past the stories are endless. If we look to the future the possibilities are endless. We color each moment in our minds, long before experience occurs. Experience is the only moment that exists and disappears as fast as it happens. Excitement becomes a memory at the moment of experience. Our catalogued experiences make the movie of our life. My love of reading is fueled by the stories of indomitable wills and lives lived in ways that mattered.

It is Womens History Month, and in honor I wanted to shed some light on the struggles and victories women have had in this country through history. So, speaking of indomitable wills, I present a story of some hardcore badass women. Let me know what you think.

And here is the Song of the Day:

Absolutely amazing!

Go little rock star!

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