Venice Beach California 1/4/2022

Okay, so it turns out Womens History Month is in March. The information was from last year and I read it thinking it current. Whoops. It was still a fascinating story needing to be more widely known. I am planning a significant amount of content in the same spirit for March.

It never gets old.

The weekdays are seeing more activity. Who knows how long it will last? I am so fucking sick of this virus. It makes it impossible to plan big things when the likelihood of interruption is till so high. So many people are barely making it by now. When the activity dwindles you see sullen faces. The spirit here constantly proves unbreakable, but the bending is painful. Desperation rises and you see immediately. Store windows broken around town. People in crisis crying out into the night. Uncomfortable changes need to be made before unthinkable ones become necessary.

Even with the chilly breeze.

I know I am presenting my day out of order, but I have been wanting to try the Venice Cucina since first seeing the facade at the Main St. roundabout. The outdoor patio lined with plants and flowers. It is really pretty. The picture fails to show the flavor this sandwich packed.

A most enjoyable Tuesday it was. A trip to the library for me is a trip to heaven and the hours spent there today did not disappoint. Some fascinating film industry books will be filling my evenings for a while.

Tuesday was delightful but I was not expecting much in the way of excitement. While walking to the gym for my evening workout and admiring the final afteglow of sunset. As one light extinguished another became visible. So I investigated.

She was very skilled.

A performance was in progress with a woman elegantly dancing with a ball of fire. Wrapping around her neck, weaving over and under legs in rhythm, fired the full length of the rope, and retracting without missing a step. A small crowd gathered and cheered. Expect the unexpected even on a Tuesday I guess.

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