Venice Beach California 1/7/2022

Cloudy days are a struggle for me. If I do not post a diary entry it is almost guaranteed it was overcast and foggy. It’s great reading weather. I still got my workout in. But not so much for the writing.

Some days I just keep to myself. I like when my phone dies. Things slow down a bit when it does.

This is really pretty
I love effect fog has on the incandescence

The fog plays with the light in ways that make for all sorts of enjoyable scenery. I love the architecture around town so much but am always hesitant to share photographs. The street art that a share on my Instagram (and occasionally on here) is meant for viewing. People’s homes are a little more private. The houses are so beautiful and such an indescribable variety. A walk down any single block is an art exhibit of sorts. The personality of the neighborhoods, the eclectic mix of styles. It is captivating and just one more thing I love about this place.

As I struggle to think of things to share, I just want to remind everyone that a scuba diver died in a forest fire when he got scooped up and dumped into the flames by the fire department. Everything gets better the less we take time for granted. Do it now.

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