Venice Beach California 1/8/2022

So, the scuba diver in the tree story from yesterday turned out to be an urban legend. I apologize for presenting it as a verified occurrence, I do not apologize for the intent. Every passing moment is an opportunity to live fully. This is all we get. Live like it.

Sailboats looked to be racing, or at least out in force today.

I take these pictures from my phone so I couldn’t really get the sailboats in detail. But as you can see beyond the breakwater they stretched out of sight in both directions.

At my distance it could not be told if they were racing or just having a group event. They were going north in the morning, south when I took the photos.

I noticed a “marine electric and instrument” store the other day in town. I realized that out of all the subcultures I have been exploring since arriving, the boating world never crossed my mind. Surfing and skating and all sorts of sports and exercising. Art and music everywhere you look. A fascinating aspect of this town is how so many subcultures weave the community together. Boating is no different. There is a whole world inside the world where people chase their passions to sea. I know nothing of it. Maybe I’ll go check out the marina tomorrow. I bet there are nice people there.

“Don’t believe everything you think”. I dig it

They for real painted this by hand!! A group of artists have been working on this for days with tiny paint brushes making every detail pop. It has been really cool watching the progression.

By hand. Every bit of it.

He captured the moment and gave it all he had.

This karaoke thing was set up on the pier. I think you paid for songs on that little scanner thing and then the lyrics played on the tablet. I saw different performers on both passes. I didn’t recognize the song, but this guy was all in and not half bad. His enthusiasm drew a crowd in and kept them until the applause.

I have passed this house more times than I could guess. The geometry of the dark pink home on the right is vividly familiar. This Pee Wee’s Playhouse looking thing with the free-standing box room and the Flintstone’s bone hanging in the archway from Bedrock. Just noticed it for the first time today.

Clearly my favorite thing to do in my new hometown is to wander around taking pictures and making observations to write about here. Was this the one that was under construction? Or did I somehow miss my childhood dreamhouse on no less than 1,000 passes by? Like I am having a Mandela Effect moment. I WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS!!

Maybe Doc and Marty are at it again. Or maybe this town is just saturated in beauty and continues to surprise me daily.

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