Venice Beach California 1/9/2022

I am soon to retitle this series. The header will remain in diary notation, but all adventures need a great title. I have it narrowed down to a few.

I love the boisterous boardwalk weekends. It is a breezy day with kites dotting the sky and sailboats scattered across the sea. The beach is filled with sunbathers and picnics. Lots of surfers taking advantage of the frequent waves. I am of fair complexion, so I tend to stay in and read during the hottest hours.

Some thoughts on what I was reading today are at the end.

I have favorite things about Venice Beach like I have favorite movies. The top 20 are in constant shuffle. Today the one most top of mind was what this place represents. Seeing every type of people interacting shows it is possible. Everyone is smiling and having a good time. If you do not believe the world can exist in such a fashion, we have deep differences in out foundational ethics.

Today’s reading material was These Truths: A History of the United States.

I hate this topic. It is so often gut wrenching. Did you know omitting the word “slavery” from the Constitution was a deliberate choice? Slavery was one of the main topics of contention during the convention. Primarily the decision of how slaves were to be characterized in terms of value. Either as property and/or population as “people” (ultimately 3/5ths of a person). According to Lepore, Pennsylvania’s John Dickenson expressed “what will be said of this new principle of founding a right to govern Freemen on a power derived from slaves,” and continued “The omiting the word will be regarded as an endeavour to conceal a principle of which we are ashamed.”

Like… they knew they were doing dirty evil shit. People were pleading the most basic nature of humanity to treat all people as human, and a majority rule not only condoned it but was too cowardly to write the words.

After meeting in secret and emerging with 4 pages of cave people paper, an incredibly short document that almost nobody has really read, basically written in slave blood, in a mud hut with horses shitting right outside the door, was proclaimed the law of the land and distributed with the first 3 words written big and bold “We the People”.

There is that word again. People. How long is it going to take before that truly means everyone?


I have heard it proclaimed George Washington’s teeth being made of wood was omitted from history class for a variety of reasons. My personal experience with that particular story, and I graduated high school in the late 1900’s, was that it was taught that way in elementary school.

I am concerned too many people stopped learning history far too young. I am pretty sure by high school my teacher said a more graphic version. An American history class in college pulled no punches.

I do not design child curriculum, but I don’t think elementary years are the time to say, “he was our first president and his teeth rotted out, so he had new ones made from the tusks of probably live elephants and teeth extracted straight from the faces of “people” he owned.”

I think education needs to be ongoing. The world is changing fast.

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