Venice Beach California 1/11/2022

I seriously still can’t think of a name for this fucking thing!

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice.” – Michelle Obama

Looks like a postcard. No filter or anything.

In 1933 the Los Angeles City Council approved W. Warren Shufelt’s excavation project to look for a lost city of lizard people. I’m serious. Using an instrument claimed to be a “radio x-ray” he located a “treasure room” and sent a 350-foot shaft down looking. A Hopi legend of an ancient people who went underground after a meteor shower 5,000 years ago. Shufelt claimed an ancient library and gold tablets lay beneath Modern day Los Angeles and made a bunch of maps and stuff! I’m serious.

He never found it and he and his team disappeared. It was written off as a sham and most likely was. Or they got em a shushed em. Either way I love that story.

I love this dog! And if you know the meme this reminds me of, we are already friends.
It was showtime for the sun at Ben & Jerry’s

It is hard to encourage people to change their behavior. It is hard to change behavior. That is a strange paradox. People struggle adopting behaviors they know are going to benefit them. Seeing people in good shape shows what is possible if lifestyle changes are made. Reading is a little different. Reading is a pretty miraculous thing if you think about it. We learn it really young too. The joy of reading is often shat upon during its introduction. Pages of symbols to be decoded and the mental exhaustion it brings. Reading can suck.

But if you get past all that some cool stuff starts to happen. Reading is the single greatest capability humans have added to their repertoire. It allows knowledge and experience to transcend time. It allows us to start where the past left off. It allows us to realize how alike we all are. How wonderous and amazing the world is. How the only thing we have learned through history is the word impossible is just a timing issue. People we will never otherwise meet can tell us their whole stories. We can look inside the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others during their highest and lowest moments. Reading makes magic happen in the mind. When the mind is fed books, it gains a hunger for more. It grows curiosity and an ability to assimilate and connect the information. The ingredients for ideas and insight are equal parts a book and another book.

The problem is, if someone has not yet felt the rush, I know of no way to excite them of it, and maybe that’s not even my place. I have been able to read as much as I want lately, and it has seriously been a game changer. I am super grateful.

Slow burn

A couple people have asked me to post my workouts so I will do my best to describe it intelligibly. (probably sometime around when I come up with a proper name for this diary I am going to make a separate page for all things strength and conditioning, but in the meantime, here was todays workout)

A quick google of any of the exercise names will give examples.

Warm up:

Trunk rotations 5 sets till it burns

ATG split squats 2 sets of 20

Walking lunges/Side Lunges 2 supersets till they burn

Blood Movement:

Nautilus Leg Extension- 6 sets of 15 reps. Reps go from a fast tempo and progress to very slow for the last few reps.

Primary Movement:

Hack Squats- 6 sets of 12 (weight on balls of feet, heels floating slightly, butt to heels)

More blood movement:

Leg Curl Machine- 6 sets of 15 (both hamstring movements have the staggered cadence of the leg extensions)

Single Leg Curl Machine- 4 sets of 15

Seated Calf Machine- 5 sets of 50 reps

1 Leg Calf Raise on Steps- 5 sets till failure

(after I walk backwards through the beach sand until everything from my heel to my ribs is flushed with blood)

*This is my heavy workout for the day. I usually do a second “free” workout later in the day to enhance recovery.

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