Venice Beach Diary 1/122/2022

Yeah. I’m not super impressed with the new name either. I do like it better though. Suggestion box is open.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.”

– Amelia Earhart

The lighting was surreal

The days have been beautiful, the weather feels like early summer.

Much respect to photographers

I have been wanting to get a big splash pic at the breakwater since I arrived. My timing is off and my patience doesn’t exist. Thankfully today the waves were a plenty and I finally got my shot. The noise would drown out thunder.

This lighting is just something else.

There was a surf watch alert on my computer. Location services placed me near the beach and a yellow sign when clicked informed of warnings for riptides and big waves. You can see the erratic water patterns churning and crashing into themselves. Sometimes the waves come in a rhythm, not today. Today the push and pull were visibly aggressive.

Surfers will still out there. They don’t give a fuck! Warnings of feces and sewage are scoffed at, and warnings of big waves may as well have been an advertisement for adventure. They be nuts.

*I use this blog as an exercise and place to experiment with my writing. Language is imprecise and very personal. My task is to combine words in a way that put a clear picture in your head of an experience I had. It is a challenge. Back to the waves.

The tunnelling waves are a surfer’s pursuit. When the wave creates the tube and it rolls down at an angle, surfers get long impressive rides. But sometimes the waves crest all at once. When this long pipeline curls over itself it creates a seal trapping air inside. As the wave compresses back to the sea, jets of air burst the back side of the waves open. It sounds like whale blowholes and function much the same way. I would often notice the night waves crashing much louder when the beach goes to sleep. The water slamming down ejecting air sounds like a rumbling explosion.

These jets took little rest throughout the day, blanketing the beach in a salty mist. I can hear it as I type. Enough power to reshape the beach in a day and somehow soothing.

Picture of muh food

A dear friend asked me to have a cheeseburger for them and I keep my promises.

I fucking love this!

Libre!! It means freedom in Spanish. Anywhere there is art there is freedom. The freedom to think is the ultimate liberty. I will come back to liberty in a moment. The Spanish word for book is Libro. Only one letter off. This is because it has Latin origins. The Latin word book is Liber. The Latin word for freedom is Libertas. Books are so associated with freedom they were birthed from the same word. That is why slaves were forbidden from learning how. Literacy is dangerous as it makes folks disagreeable.

Checked out the canals. They were meh. I’ll come back on a prettier day.

I still haven’t checked out the marina. I rode down to it. Nothing really drew me in.

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